A few notes on Kathy Sierra’s opening remarks…

by Megan M. on March 10, 2007 (Blog) |

[X] 02:00PM Kathy Sierra Opening Remarks (18ABCD)

“Nobody’s passionate when they suck.”

“WTFs are not the same as FAQs.”
This idea that WTFs are in fact better than FAQs; WTFs are inherently more human, address organic human confusion instead of mechanical question-and-answers. “I’m lost.” “Why did this happen?” Instead of… etc. Help is too tree-focused when it needs to be forest-focused.

In passing: “This is just a gratuitous puppy photo…”

“You want people to say, ‘They knew exactly what I was thinking!’” And Kathy Sierra works with horses, fabulous!

“Most importantly, talk like a HUMAN.”

“Why do we treat the people who’ve paid us so much worse than the people who haven’t paid us?” No shit, man! Oy! “The key to passionate users is just helping them learn.” It’s the FAQs and the attention and support.

“My last gratuitous puppy picture…”

We get bogged down and forget we’re dealing with people, we don’t think about the impact of our work. We don’t think about the way we’re changing people. It’s important to think about the experiences you give the user, give him a better experience, help him, make his life easier, even just by a tiny bit!

Take a look at…
~ Creating Passionate Users

Further notes…
You know, this wasn’t one of the panels I was squeaking about, but Kathy Sierra is very nifty, and has a lot of great things to say. Great panel! I wish I’d recorded it… huh!

Update: An mp3 of Kathy’s panel can be found here—I haven’t listened yet but it’s making the rounds!

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