Between-Panel Comments

by Megan M. on March 10, 2007 · View Comments (Blog) |

I found myself some Ballroom F and settled in, second row. At the end of Kathy Sierra’s panel I met Michael Galpert, sitting just to my left and sneaking peeks at my impromptu liveblogging. Michael Galpert, if you have been living in a hole like I have, is Worth1000’s COOFUN!! I always knew about Worth1000 but never knew about anyone who was involved (although an ex-boyfriend or two has tried his hand at participation, with mixed results). This dude was friendly and anti-business card exchange, which made me realize how incredibly Googlable all of us are. Most of us are working in related industries and/or producing our own content all over the place. Of course we’re Googlable! And so the only reason one might need a business card would be to remember who the hell one met at the end of Kathy Sierra’s panel, as one was cramming her laptop into a sleeve too small. So I took a picture, and wrote his name down. Good enough, man. ;}

He also expressed interest in the next panel on my schedule, which is [X] 03:30PM From Blog to Book (Ballroom F), and since I ended up liveblogging Kathy’s panel anyway… well… why the hell not?

When did this happen to me!?

Thanks for introducing yourself, Michael!

Because you shouldn’t have to do your own work:
~ Michael’s Blog
~ I have a new Twitter friend! Rock!
~ His neat schedule… Hmm, this is nifty.
~ Google is just so… Mmm!

  • michael galpert
    hey megan it was nice meeting u too.
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