She’s a rocker with a nose-ring…

by Megan M. on May 18, 2007 (Blog) |

She told me her name and I didn’t catch it, so I asked her to repeat it—then I took her hand and introduced myself. And I think she said her name was Norma—but it’s funny how a name spoken two seconds ago will fly right out of my head a moment later! I even repeated it after her, said it was nice to meet her. She was so friendly and personable. She held the gate for me as I lumbered through with my overflowing laundry basket and when the far laundry room was locked, she opened it for me with her key. Wasn’t looking forward to tramping back to my apartment for my key ring! She stayed for a moment and talked. She was so nice! I hope I have that right, Norma. What a nice lady!

She was older, mid-length silver hair and a friendly voice, and a friendly face. She talked about how people who didn’t live in the complex would come use the laundry room in the middle of the night, and how we didn’t have all the noise of screaming children when the last manager lived right up the stairs. I thought that was really interesting. (And why can’t we have a manager that lives here again? Doesn’t that seem like the best idea? It would have be someone with an even temperament, who dealt well with people… this isn’t unreasonable, is it?)

I hope I got her name right. I hope I see her again! She gave me a good feeling.

PS - She’s not really a rocker with a nose-ring. Hell, what do I know? But trying to remember her name and wanting to be sure I had it right made me start singing in my head, “Her name is Nona, she’s a rocker with a nose-ring…” If I see her again, I will ask her to remind me of her name—and I’ll remember it this time!

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