by Megan M. on May 19, 2007 (Blog) |

Well, it all started when the car didn’t. But now we’re locked out of our apartment.

I’m sitting with my back against the outside of our front door, squeezed into the slim block of shade, riding my wireless from the wrong side of the wall. Yes. This is weird.

Let’s see if we can recap. But I’ll give you a brief summary, just to ease you in. It’ll even be funny. Watch this, watch me be funny…

Tow Truck: $60 (?)
Lamb’s Auto Diagnostic: $89
Parts and Labor: $500
Ride home: Free
Apartment lock-out: PRICELESS.

Oh, yeah. And twenty-five bucks for someone to come let us in. (I hope he gets here soon.)

Our Spiderman plans, and tomorrow’s faire plans, are kaput. Kyeli and Pace and Sera waited with us for several hours to be sure we had a tow truck and a plan. They gave us all kinds of incredibly caring assistance and made my heart just bust. They gave and offered more than I am accustomed to having from actual blood family members. That, that breaks me. I stop knowing where to go from there, I just sit and feel it.

Lamb’s Auto in Cedar Park is actually pretty awesome. It even had free wireless. For that matter, so did Cedar Perk, the coffee shop where we went to internet-up a mechanic, and Popeye’s, where we ate while they took a look at the car. Thank heaven for Austin. We were seriously disturbed by the price of replacing battery cables, and Marty’s dad wasn’t sure we should actually have them fix it. Hell, I’m not sure either. But my alarms didn’t go off in that shop. And goddamnit, the guy at the desk drove us home. We chatted in the car. He was really friendly and helpful. That doesn’t lower the quote any, but by god it’s really something.

When we got in the gate and up the stairs, Marty realized that we’d forgotten to take the house key off the car ring. And I realized that not only had we forgotten all the toilet paper we bought… when we have none left in the house… but I’d forgotten to take the blueberries and vitamins out of the car, too. So my blueberries, and vitamins, and our only toilet paper, is all in Cedar Park.

We have tissues and paper towels… we have printer paper. (I’m being funny.) We have some vitamins. I mourn the loss of those delicious blueberries… but rancid blueberries can be replaced with fresh blueberries for six bucks. Maybe… I don’t know. I don’t know exactly what we’ll do.

It’s already five, and my laptop battery is dying. I’m going to ask Ragen about her mechanic and see if he would quote us the same. Marty can get us a six month 0% APR on the cost of the car repairs, which would cushion if not divert the killing blow to our finances. I don’t like it. But I wasn’t going to like the option we ended up with. It wasn’t one of those decisions.

I don’t like being in this position, and I can’t help but see the exquisite satire. The universe is taking care of us, yes it is. But damn if it isn’t going to make us work for it.

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