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by Megan M. on June 21, 2007 · View Comments (Projects) |

I listened in delight the other day as Ragen informed me that she’d done a double take at my reference to a “coke-fueled coding binge”—of course, we haven’t known each other long, so of course she has the luxury to wonder if I’m a cocaine addict. She didn’t really believe that was the case, but who wouldn’t think twice? (I am told I don’t have the “coke personality”, which shows how much you all know…) So no, in the interests of good communication: The supplies I bought for my most recent project included a case of Coca-Cola, but no other brain altering substances. And she suggested, clever business maven that she is, that I refer to further sugary, caffeinated exploits as cola-fueled coding binges.

Well, whatever floats your boat, right? ;} I wonder if this could turn into a caffeine post. How do you keep yourself going at all hours?

My preference, I will state, is not to keep going at all hours—but I can, and I will for the right reasons. (Reasons that are getting slipperier to hang on to these days, to be sure.) If I would like to finish a two month, four person project in a little over three weeks with one and a half, that corrosive, corn syruped potion might do the trick. Those of you who have used the stuff to work know exactly what I mean, and those of you who drink coffee have something similar. Necessary evil? Maybe not. Fun to see your best output in half the time? Uh… yeah!

In normal time—time without high-fructose corn syrup, I should say—I like clear working hours, clear relaxing hours, and some manic writing time somewhere in the middle. When I need a boost, I like green tea, or yerba mate. (I have yerba chai that is completely delicious with soy milk.) Neither of those things make me monstrously superhuman (there’s an excellent argument for just plain superhuman), but neither of those things will have me crashing at the end of the week, either.

I guess it just depends on how much time you want to spend functioning like a giant robot, and how much you enjoy feeling your heart bounce around in your chest cavity. Even trade.

But next week, I’m going back to tea!

  • Megan M.
    Ha! :P
  • Rudi
    Megan, you are always superhuman. But the cola makes your eyes bug out all funny-like. And that makes all the difference.
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