5:15 am

by Megan M. on September 10, 2008 · View Comments (Blog) |

5:15 am is the solution to so many problems.

5:15 am means that I wake up insanely early, in the quiet dark, and have an hour or so to wake up and see straight even before the sun comes up. It means that by the time it’s light, I am itching to get out and run—so I do. And 5:15 am means that because I run so early in the morning, I take my shower early in the morning. Therefore, 5:15 am means that I’m ready to leave the house for the rest of the day; I’m awake, I’m clean, I’m alert and happy, and I’m probably at least mostly dressed. If anything requires me to go outside later on, I don’t need forty minutes to get ready. I’m ready right away.

5:15 am means that by the time 7 rolls around, I’m already present. And I’ll tell you what that means: Being present by 7 means that most of my work is done by noon.

You heard me. Noon.

And so for the whole rest of the day, I feel almost no stress, none. Because I’ve already done most of the work I needed to do that day, and I can either keep working or fuck around as I please. There is no pressure to push myself further than I feel I can go. If I want to read or take a nap, fine. And you know what I usually do?

I usually keep working. Just because I want to.

It sounds idyllic because it is. I knew it in January when I did it for a month and felt fantastic. Yes, it had its drawbacks. Yes, it meant going to bed earlier. Hell, maybe doing it will cycle me back to polyphasic frustration again. But I just have to try. It was so freaking good.

  • Megan M.
    Yes, I'm on CST -- now *that's* a wildly awesome idea! Ha!
  • Oliver Danni
    Hi! I'm a friend of Pace and Kyeli's. :)

    Your 5:15 is my 6:15! 8am is my time when I need to be present to be on schedule most days, so I'm an hour behind but on the same time-wavelength.

    In fact, since I'm in Indianapolis, I think the time zone difference means your 5:15 actually literally is my 6:15. So it's the sun that's an hour behind! You're on CST, right?
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