Seth’s Tribes Presentation in New York

by Megan M. on October 30, 2008 · 7 comments (Blog) |

Who is going to lead us?Your mission, gentle readers, should you choose to accept it…

Over the weekend, Marty and I watched Seth Godin’s Tribes presentation, given this month in New York. An enthusiastic pack of Triiibes members traveled to attend, and many of them took audio and video of the event. It was no surprise that after the fact I had my hands on Seth’s slides and the audio of his talk, and so you, in turn, should not be surprised that I am about to foist it on you.

It is going to blow your mind. As surely as you are staring at this screen, you need to see this thing.

I ran the slides and audio for Pace and Kyeli Monday evening. It blew their minds. I sent links to Rudi, and had her watch and report back. It blew her mind, too. Cricket and Nathan are next; they cannot escape my clutches. (Neither, my pretties, can you.)

I’d say I had a good three trillion separate revelations while parsing this perfect, perfect presentation, and it’s immensely important to me that you have the same opportunity.

So here’s what you need to do.

Go download the audio. You can get it from John Wall’s Marketing Over Coffee blog, right here.

Now—you can do this—set the audio playing. And click through these slides while you listen. Even better, you can download the Powerpoint presentation to your computer and go through them that way. (It’s a 75mb file, but there are notes to help keep you on track!) You can even watch the gorgeous full video with Q&A that Anne McCrossan at Visceral Business uploaded to (it’s fantastic).

See? Just like being in New York!

This presentation is a lot like Seth’s book, but it’s also a whole different animal. You have to experience it to believe it. It runs about an hour, and I promise you on my life it’s worth the time.

You’d better just go watch it now. You know I’ll only kidnap you and make you watch it here if you don’t. And then there’s the cost of rope and transportation, and I’ll probably make you eat raw produce, and you’re a grown up. You can make your own decisions.

(Just, you know. Make the right ones.)

  • Seth Godin

    Raw produce!

    thanks for the shout out. I’m blushing.

  • Pace

    I’m blushing too, and I don’t even know why!

  • Kyeli

    I’m not sure yet how this has affected me, other than deeply. Like a rock thrown in to a very deep pond, sinking and rippling all across me. Change stirs.

  • Megan

    Fortunately for everyone, I also feed raw produce to people I haven’t kidnapped. :D

  • CoCreatr

    (i) inspired by Megan and her raw produce: Who is going to lead us to lettuce? You. Whoever reads this, it is you, too. So many tribes, so few leaders. Justart.

  • Rudi Whitmore

    I just feel unsettled, and and on the verge of… of happy tears when I listen to the presentation or read the book. It’s like someone just turned a light on in a very dark room in my brain, and I just realized what treasure lay in there.

    Thank you Megan.

  • Traveller_Adventure

    This is quite impressive, I am pleased to read this post, keep posts like this coming, you totally rock!

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