Beneficial Networking

by Megan M. on November 11, 2008 · View Comments (Blog) |

“The networking that matters is helping people achieve their goals, doing it reliably and repeatedly so that over time people have an interest in helping you acheive YOUR goals, because they have a stake in it. [...] You’re not doing it for the punchline, you’re doing it because the ACT of doing it is beneficial.”

~ Seth Godin, chatting with Debbie Weil (link to video)

  • Ed Gandia
    What an excellent insight! Love the simplicity. How ironic -- the most important principles of success in both life and business are soooo simple. We'd all do well to go back to fundamentals. Terrific post, Megan! Thanks for sharing, Trish!
  • Megan M.
    Ahaha, well I'm sorry you didn't discover it sooner (and I guess I'm sorry I missed your podcast, too)! I think it's often hard for people to understand that it's not even just about giving TO get, it's about giving without WORRYING about getting. But that's often hard to grasp from another standpoint, and hell, I'm just starting to grasp it myself. People need time. But it's a wonderful, wonderful thing to discover. All of a sudden, it clicks.
  • Trish Lambert

    I wish I had read your blog yesterday! I did a podcast interview with Ed Gandia (The Wealthy Freelancer), talking about what freelancers can do to get business in these tight times. Networking figured largely in the long term strategies that Ed and I strongly advocated, and I found myself getting more and more wordy trying to convey exactly what Seth said in two sentences.

    Givers get...and givers who give in order to sincerely help other people achieve their goals will get in spades!!

    Thanks for posting I need to make sure I come by here on a DAILY basis!

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