Holy Fresh Carrot Juice, Batman!

by Megan M. on November 21, 2008 · View Comments (Blog) |

I had no idea I would like carrot juice so much. What the hell!?

When I started drinking coconut water I was blown away by how good it made me feel—how as soon as I’d had a few sips of it my body started craving it like crazy, and I couldn’t get enough (well, for the first three or four coconuts, at least). I read all this stuff about coconut water having all kinds of good things in it, so that seemed reasonable to me (if also a little magical).

This morning Marty and I juiced a big bag of organic carrots and holy crap, people, carrot juice is da BOMB.

And I never say “da bomb”.

I had half a glass, not watered down or anything like that, but with some ice. And I hadn’t even had breakfast yet, but I started to feel really great and a little energized. And when it was gone, I wanted the rest. With a mad passion, giiiiive me the juiiiiice. But since Marty helped me juice it, I’m leaving him some. Curses! I wonder if Costco will give me a discount if I buy a ton of carrots…

So now I need to find some recipes for the carrot pulp left over, since there’s no possible way I’m going to toss it… and it looks like I’ll be drinking a lot more carrot juice from now on. We can put some on salads, but it’s the pulp from five pounds of carrots—so there’s a lot of it. I’m thinking golden macaroons (with agave) and maybe some kind of carrot cake? I’ve never made carrot cake before! I’m sure there’s a good write-up out there without wheat or dairy or sugar in it. I am not the only person in the world who does not want to eat those things. Who likes carrot juice. A lot.

Marty said I had a carrot moustache. I think he’s screwing with me.

Compulsively wiping my mouth anyway…

  • Megan M.
    HA! Dude, that's a quart of carrot juice! I'm sorry for your pain. I never tried to chug it (it might not have agreed with me if I had, ha ha!). Also, I noticed that I like it far better with lots of ice than I do just plain or even cold from the fridge. Over ice, it's fantastic.
  • Daniel Edlen
    Prob'ly didn't need to tell you that, but thought I would anyway.
  • Daniel Edlen
    One time, way back in college, I was really really really thirsty and hungry, so I bought a thing of carrot juice, I think like a 1/4 gallon, and drank the whole thing in my car in a coupla minutes, and then nearly puked. Ooops. Tasted good though, don't like it after that though though.
  • Megan M.
    Ha! For Thanksgiving this year I had rice pasta and maple pecan Nada Moo, and some really delicious raw chocolate. It was the first year I actually ate the way I wanted to eat for Thanksgiving, and it wasn't perfect, but it was mine. I am pleased! I hope your holiday was amazing. :}
  • KarenSwim
    I love Carrot Juice which also surprised the heck out of me! When I was a teen my mother (God bless her Prevention loving heart) drank it and all I could think was bleeechhh, it's orrraaannggee! Years later, I dig the carrot juice. I'm also fond of the coconut water and Acai makes my toes curl. And yep tofurkey for Thanksgiving, what's on your menu? :-)
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