Alternative MBA Adventure: Lots to Say, Little Time!

by Megan M. on December 14, 2008 · View Comments (Blog) |

Most of you know already that I got my application in, and was invited to the open office session + interview in New York on December 16th. I thence purchased a last-minute plane ticket (for what is probably an absurdly reasonable price) and I am at this very moment sitting in the Austin airport.


The part of my brain that identifies “normal” situations, feelings, and experiences… has shut down. If it was awake, it would be shrieking about how I’m supposed to be home watching TV or making myself a smoothie. I don’t think it can handle me hopping off to New York on (quite a bit) less than two week’s notice, so I’m going to let it sleep. (I’m probably better off, come to think of it…)

My intent was to do a lot more blogging through the end of my application process—but as you might guess, I found myself seriously crunched for time. I’m not going to stop here, and maybe I can be of use in other ways as I go. Tiara was poking me for more fund raising information so I think I’ll yammer about that while I push to raise !MBA attendee funds. I haz a plan. ;}

For the moment, though, I’m waiting to board to Houston and trying to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything important. If you’re waiting for an email from me, you are awesomely patient and I adore you. I have a huge lot of messages in my mailbox, so I’ll be making time this week to plow through them and make them manageable. (If you need to send me a reminder, I certainly won’t be offended!)

And finally, if you fell off your chair when you found out that I got an interview, and you want to pre-book my time—which will be necessary if I’m going to say “yes” when Seth asks me to join them in January—go on and read all the details right here. ;}

I’ll see y’all when I land. Here we go!

  • Megan M.
    I doooon't think Seth wants to be a zombie. (Hell, what do I know?) ;}

    Thank you guys!
  • Nick
    Absolutely awesome. Congratulations! Enjoy your trip. =)
  • Allan
    Megan - woot woot! You did it! Congrats. NYC is going to be a blast. Your application was emotionally strong. Your plan was determined. You deserve it.
  • Marcos Gaser
    Go Megan, go!
  • Pace
    I'm sooooo excited for you! You'll knock him dead! And then bring him back as the leader of your zombie marketing army! (;
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