Alternative MBA Application Showcase: Becky Blanton

by Megan M. on December 4, 2008 · View Comments (Blog) |

Alternative MBA Application Showcase: Becky BlantonBecky Blanton is an amazing freelance writer who works with the Danville Small Business Development Center in Virginia and serves as webmaster, photographer and writer in residence for SIPS of America. Like me, she works for herself and has full responsibility for getting her bills paid, but she’s still going strong—and she has awesome things planned.

Becky is one of the applicants to Seth’s Alternative MBA program, and probably the most visible applicant belonging to Triiibes. She is hugely motivated and exceedingly persistent. (I am 100% certain that she will, in the end, get exactly what she wants. And, well—I’m rooting for her!) Because of the uncertain nature of this undertaking, her goal is two-fold: She is raising funds to participate in Seth’s Alternative MBA, and if that doesn’t work out—for any reason—she is raising the same funds for her small business road trip, an absolutely fantastic concept that I’ll explain in a moment. Those who contribute funds (at her Fundable page) should be willing to support either project, but I assure you they are both incredibly worth it.

Becky’s road trip just blows my mind, and I’m hoping against hope that she’ll come through Austin on her way. She’s going into rural areas to film and write about a variety of different small businesses to find out what they’re doing and how it’s working for them. Ultimately she’ll use this information to teach small business owners how to use the internet to connect with their tribes, their communities and other businesses in the name of helping them grow. (I’m all about growth, as you well know.) If you’d like to be one of Becky’s stops and let her showcase your business,

It’s so important to me that we “use our powers for good”, and Becky is totally aligned with that. She’s all about using the work she does to empower other people to change the world. The stories she tells are astonishingly touching and inspiring, and I’ve been choked up more than once reading her blog (in Triiibes, and on her public sites). She has overcome some hardcore obstacles to be where she is today, and I see her going much farther. Donations, resources, encouragement—ANYTHING you can provide to her, two bucks sitting fermenting in your PayPal account, kind words, networking connections—please take a moment and give her that tiny bit of help. She appreciates it, and I know I do.

Becky’s Alternative MBA application lens is here, and her fundraising page is here. Read her stories. Support her if you can. (Regardless of whether you have a single dime to your name, if you’re reading this, you CAN send her a note and tell her what she’s doing is amazing—BECAUSE IT IS.)

I don’t have a lot of readers, but the ones I do have are spectacular people. So I know you’re up for this. And thank you so much for caring. I love you guys.

For whatever it’s worth, Becky—my vote of confidence is all yours, many times over. You can do this thing. I have no doubt whatsoever that you WILL.

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