Birthdays (Birfdays)

by Megan M. on January 24, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

I’m really looking forward to my birthday. It’s on Monday the 26th, in case you haven’t scheduled it (recurring, ad infinitum) on your calendar. ;}

I have thoughts.

I’m thinking that I’d probably like to move on that raw transition later this week. It’s long overdue. I expect that I’ll use Angela’s new program to help me do it, even though the weight loss part, specifically, is less interesting to me than the raw produce part. (That said, I could use a safe area to run in. I’m going to scout out nearby neighborhoods soon so that I don’t have to spend so much time in the dinky gym.)

I’d like a hitch for the car, so that I can use the bike rack I was offered and start going down to the Veloway more often. It’s amazing down there. How can it be this beautiful outside in January? Last year it was much colder and rainier, but the last few days have been all warm and sunny. Texas, you minx.

I’m thinking that it’s time to get more shelves into this apartment. We have a lot of books, and a lot of other items that still don’t have a proper place after three moves and four years. For my birthday, I could use a willing friend with a truck! Given my way, I would move in five or six new bookcases. (Yes. We actually do need that many bookcases. Impressive, huh?)

I’d like a wall rack for the bikes, too, that hangs them flat against one wall (one above the other). I might ask someone to make one for me. (I think I may already have a willing party.) That’s exciting!

As I level up, I find that I value peace of mind more and more—even as my life gets increasingly more exciting. (Maybe one begets the other.) This week I’ve been adjusting my environment to engender peace of mind, ease of movement, clarity of workflow. It’s not perfect, but it’s improving. There are lots of books and gadgets and fun things I would like to have, and it will be brilliant to have some of them magically appear on my doorstep… but peace of mind is getting almost all my attention lately. Rightly so, I think. Especially considering the challenges I intend to take on in the next few months.

At some unidentifiable point, it became more about what I can do than what I can get. Which means that on birthdays, I look for presents that I can do something with. Things that give me a nudge forward.

First person who gifts me a catapult gets to catapult me. ;}

I’m conscious that I’m moving through my life. Things don’t stand still the way they did when I was growing up. It’s time to make something happen like never before. (If only I had realized this when I was ten.)

Plenty of time left, but none for dilly-dallying.

  • Becky Blanton
    Happy PRE birthday! Wow. I wished I'd realized all you have by the time I was 30!! Amazing! I can't send you a half-dozen book shelves, but you certainly have a dozen or more of the most fantastical wishes and possibilities I have have lying around. Things don't stand still. And something else you'll realize as you get older is that YOU don't get older. You get wiser - if you listen and learn. The body ages. We do not. We mellow - like good wine and well built wooden bookcases.

    The other good thing about age? If we pay attention we realize that if anything is going to get done in our lives we need to start NOW. So good for you. You realized that. And good luck with the weight thing. I started a film last night - "Fat Girl TV" where I'm starting the Body for Life Challenge ( because it's only 12 weeks and it WORKS. Did it before. Next challenge begins Feb. 11 and it is FREE. But they have prizes for losing weight- $10,000 prizes. For age groups...check it out. Meanwhile - Happy, Happy Birthday!
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