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January 2009

Positive Impact

by Megan M. on January 19, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

What can you do for someone else today?

What can you do for someone else tomorrow?

How about the next day? Next week? The rest of January? February? One weekend a month for the rest of your life? And a little bit more, every day?

You can do little things, and big things. Something that makes a person [...]


Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes

by Megan M. on January 16, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

[Note: Oddly enough, I had this all written up and ready to post sometime in the next few days before I even realized that Martin Luther King Day was coming up. Serendipity much?]

As I already mentioned, I’ve been reading Made to Stick—off and on, sometimes the hard copy but mostly listening to the audiobook in [...]


The Republic of Tea (Beginnings)

by Megan M. on January 15, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

Just like the last one, I was only ten pages in before I started saying Whoa.

I define “fundamental change” as a society where every individual comes to accept every social problem as a problem of his own making, and sees the wisdom of changing himself (into a happier and compassionate human being) as his way [...]


The Godwulf Manuscript

by Megan M. on January 14, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

These books are just as fantastic as I remembered. Spenser is the best fictional dude in the history of fictional dudes. And damn, can that man cook. Also, snippet:

The gun in [Phil’s] hand was an Army issue .45 automatic. It fired a slug about the size of a baseball and at close range would knock [...]


Becky “Bunko” Blanton

by Megan M. on January 14, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

I don’t think “Bunko” is pejorative anymore. ;}

(John made this video. Isn’t it fantastic!?)

When we started, we were in last place. Over the course of the last few days, we brought ourselves up 30+ percentage points—and we were leading by at least 1% before somebody special dropped a bomb. A good bomb. Now, well…

You never [...]


Stay Hungry. Learn Fast. Grow Big. Change Brilliantly.

by Megan M. on January 13, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

The embed isn’t perfect (and the links aren’t clickable, it seems), but you can download the ebook yourself right here. So please do! ;}

Lesson Seven: Stay HungryView SlideShare document or Upload your own. (tags: comic manga)

My latest last-minute, three day project: Becky Blanton’s Stay Hungry campaign.

Let’s pretend you’ve read all about Daniel Pink and Johnny [...]

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Snow Crash: My Book Report (by Megan M.)

by Megan M. on January 9, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

People have been badgering me to read Snow Crash forever. I finally ordered a (really nice, big paperback) copy and finished it last week. It’s a great book. It’s the thrill of Transmetropolitan minus the awesome twisted illustration work but plus a lot more depth and detail of story. And… well, Neal’s head is just [...]