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January 2009

Internal vs. External Motivation

by Megan M. on January 24, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

I’ve always considered myself “self-motivated”, but in January I’ve begun to make the distinction between internally motivated and externally motivated. And although I sometimes am the former, I am MOSTLY the latter.

I still consider myself gigantically self-motivated because I’ve mastered the creation of externally-motivating circumstances. Committing to a project, signing up for a seminar, promising [...]


Birthdays (Birfdays)

by Megan M. on January 24, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

I’m really looking forward to my birthday. It’s on Monday the 26th, in case you haven’t scheduled it (recurring, ad infinitum) on your calendar. ;}

I have thoughts.

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by Megan M. on January 23, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

Sometimes even the most reasonable people make some pretty unfair assumptions.

Assumptions about motive, background, pastimes, lifestyle, character.

I guess it’s the usual error (isn’t it always?), but in this case it’s particularly unfortunate. Assumptions can put others into difficult positions, weaken diversity, and tend to shut down communication. Once you make that assumption out loud (especially [...]


Mulled Questions (Mix with Cider)

by Megan M. on January 22, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

Here are some questions and speculations for a Thursday evening.

Has anyone gone around to talk to the homeless in Austin, and published their stories in blog format? Even a limited site or an ebook would be amazing. I’ve looked for this project, certain that someone must have done it before I thought of it, but [...]


Feeling Connection

by Megan M. on January 20, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

At some indeterminate point in the last few years, I began to feel emotions much more strongly than I used to. Most of the time, they’re normal. But more and more, they rise like a tide, or hit me like a wave. (WHACK! Broadsides me.)

The really amazing ones are about people. An urge to connect [...]


I have fans.

by Megan M. on January 20, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

Rudi: My cat is kind of in love with your voice.
Rudi: She keeps standing all over my laptop while I try to listen to your post from yesterday.
Rudi: And rubbing her little nose against your video-face.


Valentines for Villains

by Megan M. on January 19, 2009 · Comments (Blog) |

Here are the links I promised to include:
Evil Web Valentine for you! (Pass it on!)

Add your evil Valentine’s quote on this page:
Valentines for Villains Squidoo page (with Twttrstrm, if you use Twitter)

I hope you have enough of a Monday left to have a GREAT one – this was meant to be posted earlier, but video [...]