The Bounce

by Megan M. on January 7, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

It’s the bounce that convinces me I’ve made a great change.

The one night of Chinese take-out. The innocent-looking deli meat sandwich (with actual wheat bread). A couple of Christmas cookies. A piece of pizza (with cheese!). A cutesy sugary cocktail. A couple bites of Marty’s restaurant steak. God forbid: a Coke.

You might find this list underwhelming (or worse, delicious), but for me each of these things is a bounce from the nutrition that keeps me functioning: Fresh vegan foods, without wheat or milk or cheese, plenty of fruit, very natural sweeteners (like agave) and as much as possible, raw produce. Delicious, fresh, real food!

The difference in the way I feel now from the way I felt several years ago isn’t so apparent… until I bounce. Every time I bounce, I remember why I made these changes. The bounces used to happen constantly. It was maddening! These days, I go longer and longer without bouncing. And yet, I’m still perversely grateful for the bounce—because it clarifies, again, why I want this.

After three weeks of eating strictly vegan, anything on that evil list will knock me out of my seat. Some of it will make me sick fast. Sugar takes down my immune system, dairy makes my sinuses act up in a scary way. The things on that list make me slow, and sluggish. They mess up my digestion. They screw up my sleep patterns, and waking up in the morning is nigh impossible. They make my arthritis flare up (ow). None of these things were all that apparent until I’d lived my life without them for awhile. I had no idea what my food was doing to me until I stopped eating some of it.

I don’t think these things happen because I’m some kind of food freak. I think these things happen because I’m a human being.

Without the bad stuff, I feel completely different. Light. Good. Happy, invisible digestion. Falling asleep when I want to and waking up easily. Sleeping soundly, even. Hands and fingers that don’t feel stiff or hurt when I work. A clear head. A great mood. Before I changed the way I ate, I don’t know that I’d ever experienced some of those things—maybe since the day I was born. And I would never have known the difference if I hadn’t started making changes.

Every time I bounce, I get back to business faster and surer than before. The bounce itself is unpleasant, and some bounces last longer than others (especially if I get sick). But I sure am grateful to the bounce for the reminder. My only request, O Bounce, is that you continue to get the job done faster and faster (with more months between) as time goes by. At least, that kind of bounce.

It’s hard to forget, after all, that my food experiences started with a bounce. When I ate meat at every meal and boxes of cookies for dessert, eating one vegan meal was a wonderful bounce. A wonderful, delicious bounce. Those bounces got better and better… until they inverted.

I request more good bounces, and hope to need fewer sober reminders. ;}

So… do you bounce?

(Do you need to bounce?)

  • CoCreatr
    Oh my, I thought a lively bounce in the gait was a good thing. Can confirm from personal experimentation I feel clearer of mind without meat and dairy. My memory grease is R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. After a few weeks of that, people's names pop up again effortlessly, when before I knew the face, but was groping for the names and felt like a social moron at times (or getting old, but that reeks of lame excuse). Have been doing that since spring, was such a relief, but in December a few lapses recurred. I mentally checked what I had changed in my diet. Litte meat, more cheese than usual and milk powder in instant latte. Off for a week, memry runs beter again. Self-check for addictive potential of certain edible stuff, just try to be withut it for three weeks and see if you start craving it. Sugar and coffee do that to me, and the scary thing is the craving subsides by supplying a good dose. So back to good nutrition it is.

    And daily exercise. I feel very proud that I can again get up to 6th floor nonstop taking double steps and approaching hearty redlining, then keep going single step to 9th floor. 10 years ago ,at age 41 I could not do that, I died between second an third floor. 15 years of sedentary life do that to a body.
  • Megan M.
    @Kyeli - EAR RINGING! That's a great way to describe the sugar thing, that's what happens to me too! My head hurts, I feel light-headed, and there's this weird kind of ringing feeling. Bizarre.
  • Kyeli
    I love this! It's hella awesome and a good reminder and gave me a WORD for it.

    I bounced yesterday. It was Dru's birthday, so I had a cupcake and nearly chocked from the sweet. The sugar high hit me immediately, spiked, lasted several hours, and left me with a headache and ear-ringing. Wtf? **Good** reminder. (:
  • Pace
    I bounced an entire pizza 7 days ago, and I'm still congested.

    I thought I cleared my throat all the time because I was trans, it turns out it was because I wasn't vegan.

    Upcoming post: Transgender Vegan Throat Clearing (:
  • Megan M.
    Well... you ARE. :P
  • Nick
    *bounce bounce*
    crow calls me bouncy one. ^^
    *bounce bounce*
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