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by Megan M. on February 26, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

You can use a tool like Highrise to track every single conversation you’ve ever had in your life, and the pertinent details of each person you meet. But I have sudden clarity: Why not also use it to track what each of them wants?

I’m not using Highrise at the moment, but musings like Bob’s make me want to start it back up again. Except this time, it’s far more important to me to track the ways in which I can help a person, rather than, necessarily, our conversations or how much business potential there is with them.

I just want to put a new spin on the address book: Name, occupation, where we met, things they like, what they want, what drives them. What or whom they identify deeply with. What do they really need? How can I really help them? And that last part should have nothing specific to do with money. How can I really help them?

You know—by introducing them to someone else. Or teaching them how to set up a simple blog. Or going out for dinner and letting them talk for an hour. Or telling them how much I appreciate them! What makes them feel best in all the world?

I like connecting with people a lot, and it would be nice to track the ways in which I might make a difference in other people’s lives. It would certainly be easier to remember and be useful to more people, that way! Plus, I wouldn’t feel so forgetful. ;}

Where’s my perfect software? Simple, easy to search, easy to keep open. Journler would work, but it has so many other features. Interesting how craving a simple purpose makes me steer clear of complex offerings. Hey, Highrise could still work.

I’ll think about it for awhile.

  • Tiara the Merch Girl
    You could probably come up with something using Access or a similar database program. I wonder if my boyfriend would be interested in coding this?
  • Megan M.
    It would really be something if there was software out there dedicated to the simple purpose of tracking what people WANT. Of course, there may already be plenty of things that would do an excellent job -- I just don't know about them! (Yet?)
  • Tiara the Merch Girl
    Isn't that what wishlists are for? Or would this be something somewhat different?

    I was at a conference two years ago and they had Have & Want signs. It was a form with two boxes - I Have and I Want (also a place for your contact details). So you have a lot of "I HAVE an organisation for young people working with tech I WANT support and more tech stuff". Maybe something like that?
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