For the Love of Beet Juice

by Megan M. on March 26, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

I was making a video where I explained how I’d just taken a very nice nap and had driven two hours from Austin to College Station and how we’d left two hours late and I was pretty freaking tired when we got here but I had some food and juice and slept and felt better and was thinking I should work but mostly just sitting around waiting for dinner when I spilled beet juice on my shirt and gasped, because I didn’t bring any extra clothes for this weekend, so I abandoned my video and washed out my shirt in the sink and then couldn’t figure out how best to dry it until I rung it out rolled up in a towel and then had the simply grand idea to do this perilous thing:

I only got what I had coming—I should have been making a more interesting video!

What I should have done was make my video topless, in order to properly illustrate the post I’m going to make about Aggiecon’s sad, sad 2008 anti-nipple policy. Since my shirt’s all dry now you’ll have to do without the Real Live Nudity (my condolences), but I WILL show you the gorgeous prints I picked up last year (they have excellent nudity) and I’ll tell you the story of how I came to purchase them. It is a brave tale of woe and circumspection, a tale of courageous deeds and fair maidens rescued from the clutches of evil censorship overlords. Promise.

I might also tell you about how I found a vloggification solution for way less than I expected, and while I’m waiting for my JVC (which I should have sometime next week, I think) I will be making a few Aggiecon videos with my handy dandy Flip Ultra. This thing is pretty spiffy, folks. We’ll see how it holds up. ;}

And now, back to work—my master tasklist waits for no one. (Well, sometimes it waits for me…)

Update: Marty came back to the room with news of the art show. We’ll post more later, but for now: “The Boobie Guy.”

  • Martin Whitmore
    You're so brilliant. Just one of the many reasons you're wonderful! (^_^)
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