Outlying Toastmasters

by Megan M. on March 2, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

Apparently there was no time for my microphone to work, either. Sorry about that, folks! You should still be able to hear okay—and I’ll make sure to check that everything’s working the next time I make an emergency last-minute video. ;}

Oh! Yes! I was Toastmaster this morning at the Balcones meeting, and it went awesomely! Thanks for asking!

  • Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers
  • My profile on Vloggerheads

  • Syd
    Hey, did you ever get something going with this? It's a great idea- one that I'd be interested in and I know of a few other vloggers who would be, too.

    Why not start your own Ning site...? If interested, I can help build it.
    I'm an English teacher- it may even be a site with a slight focus on mentoring high school-level speakers, too.

    Let me know if you're interested or if you got anything going, would you? Thanks
  • Megan M.
    Oh geeze, like I didn't have other stuff to do today... but you inspired me, I couldn't help it. Here's a place for us to start!
  • Megan M.
    Actually, I've been putting it together -- slowly, because of the other stuff that's been on my plate. I was thinking that I would start a group in VloggerHeads just to see who was interested, and we can make it an experiment! I expect to want to do it several times (not just once for six weeks) so I figure there's PLENTY of room to tweak & develop.

    Thank you so much for mentioning that you're interested -- that gives me a boost! I'll get the group started this week and see who else might be interested in experimenting. ^_^
  • Shan
    That's a neat idea.
    I will never wake up at 6:45 AM to do this...especially when my voice would be all groggy...

    In the Toastmasters at my work place, there is only 15-20 or so people, so there is plenty of opportunity to speak.
  • CoCreatr
    Awesome, Megan, and unedited. In my video book, you just graduated.
    Looking forward to the daily toast for the masters.
  • Megan M.
    What!? I can't graduate if I don't check my microphone before starting my babble! ;}
  • Tiara the Merch Girl
    I'd join the online Toastmasters! You could do this with anyone really, not just Vloggerheads :D
  • Megan M.
    AGREED! I'm going to start it at Vloggerheads just for the sake of knowing where to start, but we'll run the experiment and depending on how it goes, tweak and do it again!

    Here's the link if you want it!
  • betaBonnie
    Hey MEM, just took and quick look and couldn't find anything official online. There are
    some regional, impromptu "virtual" toastmasters groups, again by region.

    You tell me - how important is audience feedback while you're speaking? If we just
    record something and put it up, would we be learning the same skills? Also, IYO,
    what's harder, making these videos or getting up in front of a group at toastmasters?
    To me the video is harder, probably because I'm used to speaking in front of others live.

    Great idea! Let's figure out what we can do here! Maye a triiibemasters - skype, I believe,
    can handle 10 people simultaneously for free.

    triiibe on!
  • Megan M.
    I love the idea of setting something up in Skype -- HUH. I wonder if we can record with Skype? I am going to start the experiment by setting up a group in Vloggerheads -- and depending on what I learn from that in the next six weeks or so, we will do it again! That could be a Triiibes group, or some sort of bigger external group, or a Skype meet, or all KINDS of things!!

    Thank you a ton for these thoughts (even though it took me forever to get back to you).
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