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If you’re wondering how the hexayurt held up at Burning Flipside this year, whoa, man, that thing is nicely designed. While everyone else was shrieking and scrambling to hold their tents down as Ginormous Torrent of Rainstorm plowed through Flat Creek Ranch, Marty and I and a friend of ours were holed up in the yurt, sittin’ pretty, eating snacks and chatting over the clamor. (Heavy rain makes the inside of a hexayurt just about reverberate.)

With all the wind and crazy, the hexayurt did not budge. There was clearly no danger of it falling over, or even becoming less structurally sound somehow. There were two or three tiny drips coming through the taped edges—where we’d half-assed our construction, no doubt—but Marty added more tape and we had no problems with water. That is, until the storm was over and we started tracking in mud. Yeek. Oops.

Here are some pictures from the outside, if you want to see what we put together! (The noise is one of the generators nearby.)

And backtracking a bit—because the countryside was simply beautiful on the drive there, I stopped to take a clip of some of it. Texas hills are truly fantastic.

  • Celeste
    I can't wait to make a hexayurt for myself at Burning Man this year. What size is the one you built?
  • Megan M.
    This one's a 6-foot stretch -- surprisingly roomy, even with the full-size futon we put on the ground in one side of the inside. For two people, it was a really good choice. For one person, I bet it'd be a real castle. ^_^
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