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On this day one year ago, opened its doors to its first influx of members. It boggles my mind that it’s been a whole year, and I honestly don’t know where all that time went.

Oh, wait. Maybe I do.

There was the Tribes Casebook. And then, almost by coincidence, The Usual Error—because all of us working on it were Triiibes members. I don’t know how the Tribes Q&A ebook happened, but I know that it did and that it was amazing. And Seth’s !MBA (of which I’ve recently had vivid dreams and recollections), where I found out just how tightly we were all connected—and hopped a last minute flight to New York to sleep on my sister’s keyboardist’s parents’ floor for the best group interview of my life thus far. ;}

There was Bob Poole’s book launch, Listen First – Sell Later, a project I would never have been involved in if it weren’t for the Triiibe and the Alternative MBA. (Apparently I’m an editor now!) There was Becky’s bid to Stay Hungry for the Johnny Bunko Lesson Seven prize, where Marty and I worked our asses off for a few days at the last minute just because we could—and Becky won. (And then she went to TED —the prize—and was asked to speak. It was mindblowing!)

Dozens of projects and collaborations and new friends later, there’s That Idea Blueprint Girl.

Triiibes is the reason I met almost all of the most influential and brilliant people who are in my life right now. Triiibes took my spot of ambition and turned it into a taste for impossible successes that’s only growing over time. Maybe I would have done all of this without the Triiibe. Bob said, Sure, you would have found another way. But I can’t imagine it. I can’t imagine that scenario where these people aren’t in my life.

I’m really madly in love with you all.

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  • sethgodin

    An astonishing effort, by each of you, especially you Megan!

    thanks so much. Can't wait to see what's next.

  • Karenne Sylvester

    Thanks for doing so much over the last couple of days to make this happen Megan.

    You're an awesome triiibester.


  • Jodi Kaplan

    Fantabulous post! Happy anniversary, and thank you for making this all happen.

  • BobPoole

    You can do it all! Wonder Woman and Athena rolled into one dynamite Idea Girl! It's been my pleasure to work with you.

  • Marcos

    Happy anniversary, Triiibesmate! Keep the awesomness flowing!

  • Paul

    Awesome post, Megan. Thanks for the memories. (great... now I have that song in my head).

  • jaguarjulie


    What a truly lovely tribute you have crafted to our dear Seth Godin and the wonderful people from triiibes. Such an experience may only come along once in our lifetime.

  • jillanderson

    Well said Megan! We love ya back.

  • ujjwaltrivedi

    Awesome post! That's a great summary of whatever thunderous happened over triiibes. I know it's hard to cover those million subtle AHA! moments that happened for each one of us because of triiibes. But, you'd find some on the blog ring... Thanks for it! :-)

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