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by Megan M. on August 3, 2009 · View Comments (Blog) |

In the process of settling my profile page at Todd McCaffrey’s new BigEep world-changing community, I read over my personal information and realized that suddenly, after all this time, SF/Fantasy cons look out of place. Surrounded by so many pastimes that are more meaningful to me, it seems almost like I should take SF/Fantasy cons and put it somewhere else—maybe somewhere that includes the TV shows I like, or the board games I play with friends. But I knew after just a few moments of thinking about it that I wasn’t going to move it. And this past Aggiecon in College Station is why.

Ever since Marty and I altered the fundamental nature of our situation and he quit his day job, I have noticed a new effect that he has on people—especially people at cons. They take notice of him because when he’s sitting at a table piled high with his artwork, it’s very obvious that he’s doing what he loves. Passersby inevitably ask if this is what he does for a living—or if he has another job paying the bills. When he says yes, this is his full-time job, the wheels start turning in their heads. I can see it. Something starts to change them.

I never had this effect on people at conventions because it was never particularly apparent that I was supporting myself doing whatever the hell I wanted. Even if it had been, there is nothing so visual as sitting at a vendor table hawking your own gory, colorful, detail-rich creations. Having partnered with Marty, I suddenly had a way of affecting people that I hadn’t considered. I didn’t have to tell them anything. I only had to help Marty be who he was naturally, do what he was meant to do, and these people came to him, saw what he was doing, and it changed them.

Blew. My. Mind.

At Aggiecon this year, the effect was pronounced. Several of our new friends had that look on their faces when they came by to chat. These were people who craved something special for themselves and didn’t know how to get it. I found myself in a position to be encouraging, maybe even a little insistent. There is a way to make your life what you want it to be. There is a way to change things to make yourself happy. It’s hard and it’s work, but there is nothing in the world more worth it if only you can give it a chance. I didn’t have a plan at Aggiecon—I didn’t know that I would be faced with such incredible opportunities to help other people. I handed out a few of Naomi’s cards, thinking at the time, I think, about the SpeakEasy (before it had closed its doors). I wasn’t sure what else I could do but be positive, tell them it was possible, tell them people cared and they could get help making the changes they wanted to make.

Now, I think I might have a plan. I don’t intend to let any more of those opportunities pass me by.

But obviously SF/Fantasy cons needs to stay in my profile, along with all the other meaningful work I want to do. It’s amazing how the elements of our lives can stay the same, but somehow become completely different—and better all the time.

  • Sarah Bray
    Yay! My husband John recently quit his job to help me out full time, and this is our first week Doing It. It has been aMAZing. The cash flow is...interesting...but we'll see. I just had to believe that the reward was going to be just as great or greater than the risk. It usually works that way.

    But even if the worst things happen, there are always ways to pay the bills. Yay for that!
  • Megan M.
    ROFL! I know how that feels, the cash flow being... interesting... I totally get you there. It takes some getting used to, that's for sure. Believing in it makes a ridiculous difference, even when it takes some wiggling to get to a place where it feels believable.
  • sst
    A good read Megan. I can't help but think about my mortgage and staying on top of daily chores and staying employed. I imagine our situations and commitments limit our flexibility and cement our need of the "day job". I'm one of those folks who will always think "what do I want to do when I grow up?" all the while time keeps on moving and bills need to be paid. My job? it's good but as always new toys loose the luster. The grass is always greener for me when I think of those who "follow their bliss". Inevitably my bliss would be self employment oh but that road seems such a stressful thing when you add up benefits of a regular paycheck and a group medical plan. I find your words "There is a way to make your life what you want it to be. There is a way to change things to make yourself happy. It’s hard and it’s work, but there is nothing in the world more worth it if only you can give it a chance." very encouraging.
  • Nathalie Lussier
    That's so interesting Megan. I can definitely see the appeal and possibilities that others saw by looking at Marty and you. I personally think it's freaking awesome that you are putting a plan in place to help people who want to do the same. You rock! :D
  • jenmathis
    Having a day job out of necessity, and not out of desire, is the biggest social hurdle I face. I can't even answer the question "what do you do" without a lot of hemming and hawing, false starts that "I'm an artist," and urges to add "...but not for a living."

    Being an artist defines everything about me, but when it comes to the "how do you pay the bills" question, I falter and lose all sense of myself. :(
  • Megan M.
    Once I decided that I 100% could get do something I loved as my day job, it became much easier to find it. Sometimes it has to happen in increments -- maybe shifting the day job towards something more palatable, maybe shifting the art towards providing value that people pay something for, maybe both at once!

    Believe in you, identify what you want, and take steps towards it. The more steps you take, the more things change, the more the situation becomes malleable. I am sending you SUCH good vibes!
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