The Helmet You Don’t Want To Buy

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This was too amusing to neglect posting. When you buy a helmet for any purpose… read the label.

  • “The Helmet of Certain Death”

Happy First Birthday!

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Birthday CloudsYesterday we had family over for my birthday. My father and I lit off to the Austintown Dairy Queen to find ourselves a cake and some fixings. We picked up a box of cherry Starkiss treats and a quart of vanilla DQ. (We neglected to stop somewhere to get candles.) The cake, as you ought to be able to see here, had pretty, pretty clouds on it!

I was torn between the hearts and the clouds, but the clouds won. They were very, very pretty clouds. (I am apparently partial to pretty clouds. Have you noticed?)

As I mentioned, we neglected to get candles. We did not, in fact, realize that we were out of candles in the first place. My grandmother saved the day by bringing one candle with her. It was a yellow candle shaped like a one – you can see it just there. This candle has been around the family for as long as I can remember. And as far as I’m concerned, this January we celebrated my first birthday.

I suspect it is somewhat significant that when Marty and I split our Youngstown Crab Company dessert Friday, we stuck one lit match in the slice of cake, sang very-very-very quickly, and I blew it out. (I forgot to make a wish in both cases, but have been informed by a very authoritative source that it’s perfectly okay to make a wish afterwards.) There have only been two instances of candles, this birthday, and in both cases there was but one candle. So you see, significant, yes?

When I figure out why this is significant, I’ll be sure to let you know. _

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