Positivity (Part One!)


I am finally going to tackle this behemoth, this big, beautiful leviathan! On the tenth of March, oh so long ago in each of our personal histories, the Usual Error covered my favorite subject… drum roll… Positivity!

Positivity! This great, powerful force inside each of us, this monster of increase! Positivity is my favorite subject for an insane number of reasons, and just by explaining this workshop to you, I am going to cover a great big chunk of them. But first, I’m going to tell you about the Usual Error, concept and convoy, because I really haven’t told you enough about them. I have mentioned them here exactly twice: My interesting financial preview and a much lengthier missive regarding obligation. Both were tiny pieces of the whole, but the whole is too important for me to be just skipping over. Today we discuss the whole!

The Convoy: They Who Convey!

Pace, Kyeli and Sera are a beautiful married triad in Austin. All three women give you that vibe—the one that makes you feel like a valuable human being, surrounded by other valuable human beings who care about you and support you! It’s a very safe, compassionified community feeling. And these ladies, you will discover, are geniuses of communication and problem solving. Sometimes they completely blow me away. By which I mean, their points are utterly worth your attention.

The Concept: The Usual Error

The many wonderful ideas that Pace and Kyeli and Sera have presented are gathered under one very prominent umbrella, which is the Usual Error. The Usual Error is a concept that describes how human beings as a general rule tend to assume that other people are just like them. You do it. I do it. The only person we really know and experience is the person inside our own heads, and other people at least look a little bit like we do. So why shouldn’t they be the same on the inside, too?

We love the Usual Error because it’s an error. We will spend the rest of our lives learning about those around us, because we are all so incredibly wonderful and different. (That is delicious.)

I feel that these workshops have made an amazing difference in the way I deal with people and problems. Sure, I’ve been reading like crazy, and many of the books I’ve been reading do align with these ideas. But the Usual Error series is a very particular set of lessons and the process that allows us to understand them is very different than just reading a book about a certain way of doing things. In some cases, the triad’s process alone has resulted in mnemonics that hugely assist us in remembering to apply the lessons to our lives. I can read a book six times and still be shaky about applying it if the concepts are not suggested in a way that stick. For some reason, the Usual Error really sticks. Really sticks.

You can visit the Usual Error gals at UsualError.com. For me, I am going to start writing Part Two...

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