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Hi there! This is my personal blog, which means I post just about everything I please, even if it doesn’t fit into certain other categories. I do have categories, though—crazy boxes of things I’m interested in! Worldhacking is a big one for me, and has a lot to do with changing myself. Funny thing about changing myself is… doing it changes the world. It’s weird and wonderful. Communication and Sexuality are both a part of worldhacking but they’re such huge and interesting topics to me, I gave them their own box! Meligion is a very young concept of my own personal religious and spiritual ideas, and of course Meganculture is the vast array of fabulous things I adore and enjoy, the culture of Megan!

I’ll be adding these categories to all my old posts as I go along, so feel free to use the Search / Archive page to augment your exploration until I’m all finished. ;}

If you’re looking for the RSS feeds, they’re here: posts / comments.

You can get the comments feed for any one post by adding ‘/feed/’ to the end of the post URL. For instance, if you’re looking at this post, the comments feed is here. See? Easy!

I’m all kinds of other places, too—here are just a few.

I write about music and singing at meganmezzo.com—my Megan Mezzo Blog! There’s a lot of information there about how I’m rehearsing, when I’m performing, and what nifty crazy things are going on in Megan Mezzo Land. Likewise, the rss feeds are here: posts / comments.

I also have a company site at virtualmagpie.com—Virtual Magpie. This is the company I started out of high school and holy cow, has it changed over the years. Right now I’m keeping a business and project-related blog and re-evaluating my entire way of doing business from scratch. If that sounds interesting to you and you like to listen to crazy chicks spout off business philosophy, your rss ticket to ride is right here: posts / comments.

If you are anything like me and a complete stalker, you’ll also be interested in my Flickrstream, my Twitterstream, my MySpace page, my Upcoming.org events, my SingShot recordings, and my Zaadz profile. Oh, diverse and wonderful web!

What I really am itching for these days is more feedback, more comments, more conversation. If you feel even the slightest urge to comment on the things I write, please do—I want to know what you have to say.

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