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I began drafting this list, a la triplux, inspired by woodwitch, on July 11, 2006. I will begin to cross things off on July 15, 2006, and I will finish on April 11, 2009. I thought it would be nifty to have two elevens, and a nine reflecting that six.

Standard rules apply; I will complete each item to the best of my ability, but if anything is disqualified for some reason, I can replace it with a similar item from my possible extras at the bottom of the list, which I will continue to develop as time goes on. Any time span or number mentioned implies a prepended “at least as long as”, or “at least the number of”.

Some of the items, you may notice, are private – so unless you think I’m likely to tell you what they are, you’re just out of luck on those accounts. I’ve gotta have some mystery in my life! ;}

Let the doin’ commence!

To Begin…

1. (7-15-06) Publish this list on worldmegan.net.

Obtain the Following Items…

2. A bottle shelf for all the stuff in the shower!
3. Low heels – cute, but easy to dance in.
4. A beautiful, expensive corset… preferably from Brute Force Leather!
5. A hot new dress!
6. A bathing suit. Eek!
7. Something wonderful at a garage sale or antique fair.
8. Something fabulous on ebay.
9. A Nikon D70 or comparable professional portrait camera.
10. A new computer (with a loan, or bought outright).
11. Elfa shelving!
12. A new cell phone – one that will work overseas.
13. Get grubby hands on one of these: A Volvo 240 (wagon or sedan), a Volkswagen, or a Honda Accord. Must be in excellent condition, as certified by a GOOD mechanic.
14. Something beautiful for the house I live in.
15. A beautiful new carpet for Mom’s house.


16. Eat only fresh and unprocessed foods for one month.
17. Go without chocolate of any kind for one month.
18. Take oil of oregano every morning for three months. (7-24-06 : 7-24-06 (10-24-06))
19. Eat out at a tapas restaurant!
20. Try something new, healthy and organic – every week for a month.
21. Eat groceries from Whole Foods for a whole month.
22. Stop drinking liquids containing corn syrup for a whole month.


23. Run from the house to the park and back in one uninterrupted jog!
24. Bike from the house to the park and back in one interrupted bike trip!
25. Go swimming somewhere.
26. Go skating at least once a week for three months.
27. Go to Bodychoir once.
28. Go to a Nia class, or do a video.
29. Use my weights three times a week for a month.


30. (Private.)
31. (Private.)
32. (Private.)
33. (7-15-06) (Private.)
34. (Private.)
35. (Private.)
36. (Private.)
37. (Private.)
38. (Private.)


39. Finish my Rosetta Stone Welsh course successfully!
40. Begin a French Rosetta Stone course.
41. Boycott Walmart for a whole month.
42. Do something anonymously kind for a complete stranger.
43. Do something anonymously kind for someone I love.
44. Understand how to dance for long periods of time in high heels!
45. Practice different shaving techniques, and become an expert!
46. Get a manicure.
47. Get a pedicure.
48. Use soft lotion on my feet every day for a week to make them smooth and happy! (7-15-06 : 7-22-06 (7-22-06))
49. Develop a psycho-cybernetics routine and run it every day for a month.


50. Wear each of my new dresses out on the town at least once.
51. Go out dancing once a week for a whole month.
52. Go to the Buffy Sing-a-long at the Alamo.
53. Go on a hot date with someone I’ve never dated before this list.
54. Make a new friend overseas.
55. Go to a SXSW conference!
56. (Private.)
57. (Private.)


58. Travel somewhere by train.
59. Take the bus somewhere in Austin, on my own steam.
60. Enjoy a coach flight overseas.


61. Sell something in an online auction.
62. Build up an emergency fund of $1000.
63. Pay my student loans perfectly on time for a year.
64. Pay off my iMac desktop loan.
65. Pay off one whole entire credit card account.
66. Keep a log of various grocery prices for a whole month.
67. Increase my income enough to pay my ideal rent every month.
68. (Private.)


69. Redesign Virtual Magpie’s website.
70. Learn useable Ajax and use it for something neat!
71. Make an honest, down-to-earth plan that allows me to work only with clients of my choice.
72. Create a solid list of Go-To Guys & Gals for all the sorts of outsourcing I generally need.


73. Redesign (and finish!) my voice site.
74. Audition for an opera at Austin Lyric!
75. Feel prepared to perform incredibly (to my own personal standards) at the National Eisteddfod in August ‘06.
76. Arrange to record a CD with an excellent pianist, with salable results.
77. Have a vocal session with my cousin John.

Friends & Family…

78. Visit Emily in NY.
79. Get at least six friends and / or family members to visit Austin. (So far: Missy…)
80. Convince Andy to meet me for a SXSW film festival!
81. Videochat with anyone who has a webcam.
82. Get back to Youngstown just to visit, at least once.


83. Finish a short story.
84. Write a song.
85. Redesign worldmegan.net – but keep all previous content.
86. Scrapbook entire worldmegan livejournal account.
87. Scrapbook entire first ever livejournal account.
88. Scrapbook worldmegan.net up to day of redesign.
89. Videoblog every day for a whole week.
90. Take one gorgeous picture every day for a month.
91. Paint a colorful, emotional, wonderful painting in acrylics.
92. Videoblog somewhere not in the house for one day.
93. Go through one personally incredible book and blog all the passages that resonate with me.

Soul Food…

94. Take a real vacation – without working!
95. Zazen ten minutes every day for one week.
96. Stay away from computers for one whole weekend, Friday evening to Monday morning.
97. Expand my living space into a one bedroom apartment, sans kitchen.
98. Send a postcard to PostSecret.
99. Cover myself in brightly colored paint, and take pictures!
100. Have a long, relaxing picnic in the park!

And To Complete…

101. Create a new 101 things list to begin next!

Possible additional or replacement items…

102. Purchase new pretty jewelry.
103. ?

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