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Today I set out to make Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies, in order to alleviate a creeping feeling of depressiness that started sometime this week and will hopefully abate entirely by tomorrrow evening. I downloaded the recipe off Neiman Marcus’ own site – if you try, I bet you can find it. It was funny because it seemed like a ploy to avoid bad press, and they didn’t pull it off very well. But the recipe was clear.

So I mixed and I cooked and I sat and ate leftover cookie dough and a few oranges, watching Star Trek while I waited. Then I called my Dad downstairs to try a few. “I made Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies,” I told him. “But we didn’t have any eggs so I used water and flaxseed instead, the internet said it would work. And we didn’t have any light brown sugar so I just used regular granulated sugar instead. And we didn’t have any baking powder so I just left it out, and we didn’t have any regular all-purpose flour, so I used buckwheat pancake mix instead. The cookie dough tastes great, so I think it worked.”

“I hate to tell you this,” Dad said as he munched on a cookie, “but you didn’t make Neiman Marcus cookies. These are Megan cookies!”

And I guess he’s right.

They were too crumbly to be non-Megan cookies, anyway!


  1. I made the canonical Neiman Marcus cookies once. They were okay. Not as sweet as I would have preferred.

    Comment by Nikki — 1/25/2006 @ 6:54 pm

  2. Man, these ones are crazy sweet. And I forgot about the part where I replaced the expresso powder with regular chocolate baking powder. I think I accidently put some flavored jelly in there too. (Don’t ask me how one accidently adds flavored jelly to chocolate chip cookies…)

    Comment by worldmegan — 1/25/2006 @ 7:09 pm

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