Happy Bunny Day!

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Many of you know that I’m a huge Cthulhu mythos fan. What you perhaps did not know was that I have been spending my Easter afternoon admiring the Lovecraftian junk food discovered by a certain LiveJournal user. These are far better than your traditional breed of peep – anything with an odd number of appendages (or, indeed, more than four) is tops in my book!

That said, it’s been a slow Sunday. I had a nice late sleep this morning and I’ve been snacking in preparation for the Bunny Day feast. I expect ‘feast’ to entail salmon, ‘sparagus and salad, and I’m looking forward to it (because I’m starving and jelly beans just aren’t cutting it). I hope everyone else’s Bunny Day is pleasant and relaxing and full of good food!



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I had various scattered dreams last night, but a particular piece just came to me. I was driving down a nighttime highway with my mother. I was in the passenger seat, and she was driving. We could not see far beyond our own headlights, but the sky was black and full of bright stars. I looked down at the headlights, and the car took a curve around the side of a mountain. Then I looked up, and the sky was full of golden streaks, all in a stream. Shooting stars.

It was really vivid, and it made up for the single one I missed the other night. It rocked.


Sleepy Saturday

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Have you ever had one of those days where no matter how much sleep you are certain you had the night before, you just can’t keep your eyes open?

I’m sitting here, working diligently, and I notice that my eyes keep unfocusing. I refocus. They unfocus. Why won’t they cooperate? I even had some tea – that’s more caffeine than I usually have in a week, much less an afternoon. Is it just that time of day?

I took a B-100, and it doesn’t seem to be doing it’s thing. I did get plenty of sleep last night, folks, and I didn’t oversleep. I woke up at a perfectly decent hour. I’m not even working on something boring. Dude. I’m going to go take some more vitamins.

Read the Instructions.

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  1. Carefully read Eugene Ciurana’s Sushi Eating How-To.

  2. Pick up the phone. Dial my cell number. Ask me out to lunch. Suggest the nearest sushi bar.

  3. If you do not have my cell number, comment on this post and follow remaining instructions.

Spread the Egg

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Via Wil Wheaton I have discovered Egg Radio, an internet radio station that plays an eclectic mix of rock, alternative, classic new wave, ska and all sorts of other things that should be on real radio (but aren’t). And I’ve taken those words right from the chicken’s beak. It’s a great station – far, far better than anything I’ve found off the ‘net.

Through Egg Radio, I have rediscovered Rusted Root. I adore Rusted Root. Thank you, Egg Radio.

Update: Oh my. Egg Radio is way cooler than I thought. They just played a clip from The Rock... and they didn’t dub anything out. You know the one I mean. Neat, huh?


SxSW Power-Yearning

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Well, I knew SxSW was happenin’ ... but I didn’t know it was this week.

South by Southwest is a massive music / film / technology conference that happens in Austin. It starts on the 11th and rages on till the 20th of March. It is exactly my thing and man, if I had plane fare right now…

I guess the point is, if you want to take time off work and road trip down with me, let’s go. I’m ready. I’ll split the fuel costs. I am completely willing to drive if someone has a car that will make the trip. Twenty hours cross country? I’m there. Come on, guys. Who’s up for this? When are you going to get another chance to spend nine days with me, honestly? ;}

Normally I’d be concerned about work, but SxSW is renowned for its connectivity—and as many of you know, I carry my office with me on various occasions throughout the year! I am most keenly into the networking aspects of SxSW, and I’m vexed that I didn’t realize the pertinent dates until recently. I can’t tell you how revved I am at the idea of jumping in a car and heading down to Austin.

I’m so serious.

And you could meet David Nunez, too. You know that’s the dealbreaker. We can leave Friday night. Come on, comment me. We’ll have fun.

I’ll beg.


Literary Genius

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Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica blog has a post that is just going to blow you away. (Okay, it blew me away, at least.) I watched my very first episode of Battlestar Galactica last night and I was not disappointed, except for the slightly ill feeling of having missed ten or so episodes, and needing my father to explain what was going on. It was a wonderful episode. I picked up this blog because I was curious, but I guess now I’ll be hooked.

  • Battlestar Galactica Blog, Ron Moore – Thankyou, Harlan Ellison. SO WORTH READING.

Not just advice for aspiring writers, in fact. ADVICE FOR ASPIRING HUMAN BEINGS. (Unless you actually happen to work in the sex business, in which case this might not apply so well. But the rest of you—read on!)


Space Invaders… But Not How You Think!

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You know I’m awake far too late when this entertains me:

  • Space Invaders (In Bic Pen!), shamelessly stolen from Dave

I take it back. I’d be entertained by this at any time of day. But… not this entertained. It really is time to get some sleep. Maybe… after just one more game. Yes.

Note: The soundtrack may not be safe for work. If you’re playing Bic Pen Flash Space Invaders games at work, make sure your sound is off. Not that you ought to be playing Bic Pen Flash Space Invaders games at work at all… unless the playing of said games is officially sanctioned by the chick (or dude) who hired you. If you need an authoritative stare to get you motivated again, you know where to find me!


Valuable Advice

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The following advice is not just for homeless folks, or folks thinking about being homeless – despite the focus of the blog offering the advice. Everyone should read this, because I believe everyone deals with this feeling at some time in their life. And it’s good.

  • The Survival Guide to Homelessness, ‘Do Nothing’

Also – if this post strikes you at all, please take some time to read through some of the author’s other material. It’s really good stuff. ;}

Another note on Adrianna Tan…

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For those of you who were asking who she was and why she was so cool…

  • popagandhi: title here in large print – ‘Release’

...This is the reason Adrianna Tan’s site is so wonderful.


Podcast Primer

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Hey folks!

For awhile I was flailing around looking for a simple explanation for podcasts, and eventually I hopped to the top of the learning curve. But – BUT - it sure would’ve been nifty if I’d had this link when I was still flailing. If you don’t know what a podcast is or how to take advantage of one (beyond your conventional red wine & roofies combo), take a look here and learn something!

  • The Dragon Page Podcast: A Simple Guide

And while you’re at it, well, you may have noticed that the Dragon Page podcast is listed in my very limited favorites section on the left there, so by all means use their cast as your guinea pig and have a listen. It’s a great show!

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