Sleepy Saturday

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Have you ever had one of those days where no matter how much sleep you are certain you had the night before, you just can’t keep your eyes open?

I’m sitting here, working diligently, and I notice that my eyes keep unfocusing. I refocus. They unfocus. Why won’t they cooperate? I even had some tea – that’s more caffeine than I usually have in a week, much less an afternoon. Is it just that time of day?

I took a B-100, and it doesn’t seem to be doing it’s thing. I did get plenty of sleep last night, folks, and I didn’t oversleep. I woke up at a perfectly decent hour. I’m not even working on something boring. Dude. I’m going to go take some more vitamins.

Read the Instructions.

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  1. Carefully read Eugene Ciurana’s Sushi Eating How-To.

  2. Pick up the phone. Dial my cell number. Ask me out to lunch. Suggest the nearest sushi bar.

  3. If you do not have my cell number, comment on this post and follow remaining instructions.

Spread the Egg

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Via Wil Wheaton I have discovered Egg Radio, an internet radio station that plays an eclectic mix of rock, alternative, classic new wave, ska and all sorts of other things that should be on real radio (but aren’t). And I’ve taken those words right from the chicken’s beak. It’s a great station – far, far better than anything I’ve found off the ‘net.

Through Egg Radio, I have rediscovered Rusted Root. I adore Rusted Root. Thank you, Egg Radio.

Update: Oh my. Egg Radio is way cooler than I thought. They just played a clip from The Rock... and they didn’t dub anything out. You know the one I mean. Neat, huh?

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