SxSW Power-Yearning

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Well, I knew SxSW was happenin’ ... but I didn’t know it was this week.

South by Southwest is a massive music / film / technology conference that happens in Austin. It starts on the 11th and rages on till the 20th of March. It is exactly my thing and man, if I had plane fare right now…

I guess the point is, if you want to take time off work and road trip down with me, let’s go. I’m ready. I’ll split the fuel costs. I am completely willing to drive if someone has a car that will make the trip. Twenty hours cross country? I’m there. Come on, guys. Who’s up for this? When are you going to get another chance to spend nine days with me, honestly? ;}

Normally I’d be concerned about work, but SxSW is renowned for its connectivity—and as many of you know, I carry my office with me on various occasions throughout the year! I am most keenly into the networking aspects of SxSW, and I’m vexed that I didn’t realize the pertinent dates until recently. I can’t tell you how revved I am at the idea of jumping in a car and heading down to Austin.

I’m so serious.

And you could meet David Nunez, too. You know that’s the dealbreaker. We can leave Friday night. Come on, comment me. We’ll have fun.

I’ll beg.

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