Cephalopocalypse is Nigh

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The shirts are here, and hopefully we’ll have a site up soon. But you, you can get your foot in the door. You have a real chance. It’s an opportunity. You have to reach out and grab it. (With your wriggly, tentacly, suckered fingers…)

About the shirts we used: We like these t-shirts. They’re soft and comfy. They’re heavyweight cotton/poly blend, 50/50, and they look GREAT. To take care of them, we wash them cold (cold cold cold!) with other darks, tumble dry low (or no heat at all, which is how all my wash is done these days). And we don’t iron the nice picture, ‘cause that would be bad.

About the image: The image is excellent – it’s a Marty Whitmore original, hot like pancakes! He drew up the preliminary on paper and then vectorized it from scratch like only a mad vectorizin’ Marty can. It gives me shivers – it makes me think End of the World, Calamari Damacy style. (You ain’t played no pickin’-up-stuff game till you’ve played it with squiddy suckers!)

Cephalopocalypse T-shirt: $14 + $4 shipping
Select a Size

Pricing and pictures: They’re only $14 bucks a tee, plus $4 for flat rate shipping, and I think that’s pretty good. (Let us know what you think, too!) And if you want to see that image a little better, take a look at the pictures in my Flickr stream. That will give you a better view, especially if you have a pro account!

Oh! This is important: The payment will say ‘Virtual Magpie’ on it, and most likely you will see my business address I just don’t want anyone to be alarmed if they’re not already in the know!

Sizes and shipping: Right now we have mediums, larges, and extra-larges available – if we don’t have them in your size, , so we can add that size later! (Em is wearing a medium in those pictures.) If these go well we’ll keep makin’ em. (It was so much fun making these shirts!!) If you want it sent fast, or cheap, or whatever you please, and we’ll work it out. :}

Feedback, please please! This is a new project for us, and it’s our first tshirt-sellin’ project ever, so we really want feedback. anything that’s on your mind – how you think we should do this, what you think shirts should cost, if you think something else should be on them. Hell, share whatever happens to be on your mind! We want people to be happy and we’re eager to please. :}

Anyway, you folks are ultra cool. This wouldn’t be any fun without you. :P

PS. Emily helped. Doesn’t she rock?

What Happened to Egg Radio?

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Egg Radio has been one of my favorites and now its site seems to be down. I found the stream on live365 here but the Egg Radio experience just isn’t the same without the site open on my desktop somewhere. And this stream doesn’t seem to do very well, for some reason… keeps tuckering out.

I couldn’t find anything about what might be going on, but I hope it’s just a temporary glitchy and the site’ll be back soon. I like Egg Radio.


Rain Just Makes His Day

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We have a big ol’ black cat that hangs around near the house. He’s been here since we moved in. For awhile, Lieben lived outside during the day, and while she was there, the black cat drew back, stayed out of sight most of the time. In the woods, usually. When Lieben died, the cat came back and began cavorting visibly in the yard again.

I see this cat through my window all day. I can only see a certain swatch of front yard, because I only open the blinds of one office window. But I’ve been seeing him more and more, stalking around the driveway, skirting the trees and looking sneaky. He’s eating little animals. Marty found a dead frog in the yard a few weeks ago. It was a little one, but I kind of wonder. Leftovers?

Today it’s been raining. Yesterday it rained, the day before that it rained. Lots of rain. It’s not heavy – just enough to be chilly and uncomfortable. So I keep my windows closed, and I try not to leave the house. But this cat, he is having the time of his life! He doesn’t even seem to notice the rain. He isn’t even stalking. He’s trotting, hopping, looking very industrious and extremely self-important. He’s checking out all the little hideaways, not minding the wet, just doin’ his thing. He’s getting a lot done.

I am, too. But tshirts will have to come later. So be patient – they’re on their way. :}


Sadness, Tears, Camera Revelations

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I just read a very sad, very revealing article on BoingBoing about the Casio Exilims. I’ve had a long distance love affair with these cameras for awhile and have really been wanting one, but now it sounds like it would just be an all around bad idea to go there.

More recently I’ve been looking at cameras like the Canon Powershot Pro 1 but I am torn because of Marty’s old Olympus – the way it focuses is just heavenly. So I’m not sure. I need to do more research. Hrm.

Putting up tshirt information soon – stay tuned. ;}


Whew, the end of the month got here quick-like…

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I can’t believe it’s been a week since I posted. That’s crazy shit! I’m sorry, I’ll make it up. :}

Basic rundown of the day; I watched some Buffy late last night and this morning, sang a very nice wedding this afternoon. Hightailed it back here to put some food in my belly and weight myself down with appropriate vitamins. I’m running low on vitamins. Is anyone surprised, with all the vitamins I take on a daily basis? I consumed a lot of water and a little caffeine, and decided I would much rather work than nap, Saturday though it is. But my body just isn’t cooperating. That’s not shocking, considering the time of month. I’m going to do my best to get good stuff done anyway… and maybe I’ll take it easy later.

I’m hoping that next week I can take a string of workdays to Steamers, or maybe Panera again. Sometimes getting out of the office for a stretch is really nice and now that my laptop is fixed (hurrah!) I can give it a shot. And hey, points for the proximity of good food, right?

The length of my shopping list is obscene, but I think it’s going to have to wait until I’ve got my bearings. There’s a lot to do around here. I’m trying to think up a good Halloween outfit – something I haven’t yet worn, that’s going to be impossible. But I’m trying. If you have any ideas, email me. I promise gratitude. Likewise if you know how I can get my hands on a UHS uniform skirt – I think I donated my old one to somebody. This is my sad face.

I realized today that I am no longer afraid of what will happen to me if I don’t say and do all the right things in religious settings. What was I expecting? Disapproval? Lightning? I don’t know. Strange absense. A little bit of a relief. Very odd. Very interesting. I know that a year ago I wouldn’t have felt so relaxed. Extra marks for self-improvement. ;}



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Ooh, boys and girls, we are in big trouble.

This is a link to a WMV, news-type segment that ought to be worksafe. At least, there’s no porn or swearing… will that constitute worksafe? I got it here.

Wow. Just, wow. How many of us would say those same things, God forbid?


Television is Bad

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The Daily Show
Go and worship at the altar of Jon Stewart.

My Name is Earl
I think everyone who is not in the state of Broke should send Jason Lee money. Jason Lee deserves more money.

Kitchen Confidential
Here is a link for Fox’s ‘Kitchen Confidential‘, of which I have only seen one episode, also which is not necessarily being cancelled, according to certain sources. (Use a page search, it’ll be less frustrating.)

Like I have time for TV. Thank god for DVRs. Even ones that aren’t quite working properly.

Well this is… less than surprising.

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I am Rabies. Grrrrrrrr!
Which Horrible Affliction are you?
A Rum and Monkey disease.


Wow. I’ve got to watch more C-SPAN.

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This is exciting stuff.

You might have missed the sarcasm… since I’m typing, and all.

I just watched a video of the “adults” in our country’s government behaving… um… shamefully. (A little bit like children. Children with enough knowledge of the law to know when they can take advantage of it?) I caught this on the news earlier and then Googled it this evening to see what had actually been going on. Does this happen all the time? People behave this way? Pelosi deserved the applause she got.

Dude, maybe I should make my career moves in the direction of Europe. Oof. Mess. Is Europe a mess? (That’s kind of a broad question and doesn’t require an answer… I suppose.)

Reuters’ article explaining the situation is here. The video I watched is here. Gilchrest, I don’t know you or anything about you… but… Jesus.

Also, dude. What the hell DOES consititute a proper parlimentary inquiry?

New Dead On the Way

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Good golly, this looks like a Warren Ellis zombie book.

Having recently read more volumes of Walking Dead and a neat couple of books that began with 30 Days of Night, I am intrigued. But early next year? By then I could be a zombie myself.

If you are affronted by the concept of zombies, or went to Warren Ellis’s site and found out how marvelously offensive he is, this should help.


The Super Duper Megan Turkey Sandwich

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Okay, this is good stuff, listen to this. Bread… turkey… Hellman’s… dill mustard… tobasco… lettuce… and sweet salsa.



Pod People

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I’ve been listening to a bunch of new casts lately – if you are eerily quick you will have already noticed them at my podcasts link. If this is you, you creep me out, dude. I just posted ‘em. G’ness.

Spaceship Radio I already posted briefly about. My god, it was so… much… fun. I admit I have less time in a given day to listen to dramatized radio fiction than I do to news or music – just because it requires more attention – but if you have a half hour here or there, please, please go and listen. Andy Doan is pretty cool to listen to, before and after each story. He sounds so friendly!

Daily Sonic is a cast I picked up from Violet Blue’s blog. She writes well; I figure maybe she has good taste, too. ;} Turns out I thought right. Daily Sonic is excellent. In fact, Daily Sonic might be the best podcast I’ve listened to so far. I’m not sure I can explain the point of Daily Sonic. I’m not sure I’ve figured out the point of Daily Sonic. I’ll have to keep listening. All I can tell you is that it’s highly, highly enjoyable.

The Signal is new – I can’t tell you anything about it yet. I’m only halfway through the first cast. So I’ll mention it later, when I’ve listened to more. But here’s a tidbit, for those of you who it might tip off: “The Alliance may be bad, but at least they don’t eat you.” (Insert delighted chortling here.)

At this point I’m going to do some relaxing, gradually interspersed with work and music. It’s a beautiful Saturday. Anyone want to go for a bike ride?

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