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Our first item of business: Today is the Klegman’s birthday and must be recognized as such. Happy birthday, dude! I hope you get way better presents than wicked Jeep vandalization, and I hope you have a spiffy month. Because really, a day is nothing. It’s your birth-month! (I hope people remember this generous comment when it’s my birth-month… :-D)

Also, it has occured to me that the birth-month ought to begin on the birthday… especially if the birthday falls at the end of the month, case in point. (Save!)

My week so far goes like this: On Monday I worked ahead of myself, thereby making up for Tuesday, which I spent at Cedar Point with Marty and Missy. Not only did I totally work every ounce of muscle tissue in my entire body, but I got to ride roller coasters and spend time with with my favorite people. Tuesday rocked. Let’s see – then we have Wednesday. Wednesday was yesterday. Mostly I just worked yesterday, making sure nothing got overlooked. Sitting at a desk all day, in case you happen to be interested, is not the best way to stretch sore muscles. Ow. I should go to Cedar Point every day. Do you think they have free wifi?

Wednesday night I had Bailey’s and pizza at Avalon Gardens, courtesy of Marty. (Thank you thank you!) I got to sit next to Missy. Sitting next to Missy is just about the best thing on the planet. So we stayed awhile and then all went home. It was Very Good™.

Today I botched up the timing on an early morning call, and feel like a bit of a dunce. But I’m going to make up for that by trying very hard not to be a dunce the rest of the day, too. Whaddaya think? Start your betting, ladies and gentlemen. ;}


MIT Weblog Survey

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Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Go give the nice people some information.



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I have to admit, my patience is getting a little thin with Time Warner – despite the fact that I can carry myself off to Panera on Elm Rd. when my connection goes down, I think this is the second or third time this month I’ve had problems. Having a mobile office has its advantages, but it’s still slightly inconvenient for me to have to leave the office unplanned. Time Warner, why do you thwart me so?

Regardless of that, it’s a beautiful day and I seem to be able to keep the umbrella up on this table at least 80% of the time. (That last time I fixed it, I actually put the little pin in, and I haven’t had trouble since.) The wind is blowing like a fiend determined to pick me up and float me away, clinging for dear life to my laptop. And the table is wobbly. And I’m sure I can find a few more things to complain about if I try very very hard, but I’m going to leave it at that. I feel fine, why worry? ;}

Knowing that most of my work has to be done before I leave Warren always makes me a little nervous, because it doesn’t leave a lot of room for surprises. I suppose I do have the option of coming back, but I’d rather not be driving back and forth all day. That seems silly. Beyond that, taking a break is fairly impractical (because I have limited battery power). But then, along those lines, so is blogging. :-D

With forty minutes left on the battery, I’m in pretty good shape. Ya’ll call me if you need me.


Daddy Day!

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So, it’s Father’s Day, guys.

My dad’s had two heart attacks and two brain surgeries. He has been a homeschooler and a househusband, gone from hospital invalid to Yahoogroup connoisseur. And that’s just in recent years. I can’t even keep a handle on all the nifty things he’s done in his lifetime. My friends come by and tell me how cool my dad is. Yeah, he’s pretty cool.

Ways I Am Like My Dad

My dad inspired, and is the ever-constant catalyst for, Dr. Stewart Hardlypie – a set of ongoing stories about a fellow who is an awful lot like him. We discovered yesterday that we both think most poetically in iambic hexameter. We are both obsessed with gadgetry and new toys. Until we learned social graces (or some modicum thereof), we both brought a book to every important family event. Including dinner. Including everything. It’s Dad’s fault I’m a Trekkie. I picked up Stephen King because he did. I finally got him to read Life of Pi last week. We used to watch every single episode of Roar. We watched the first season of HBO’s Carnivale religiously. Dad laughs at Family Guy so hard, you think he’s going to rupture something. We watch the Daily Show together, too.

Care and Feeding

Feeding one’s papa is very important. Mine likes brown rice and fried egg whites. He puts salad dressing on everything. Last night I made him some spicy Indian chicken with salad and rice with roasted peppers and a pan o’ flan. He hasn’t been feeling well, like he’s coming down with something, but today he woke up and said he felt a little better. Today we will eat Japanese food, because he likes Japanese food.

Here are the things my Da consumes to better his health. I think the grape juice is for his heart. I forget what the cherry juice is for, but it’s good for something. He drinks soy milk instead of regular milk. He likes soy everything. He tries to stay away from very very salty things, and tomatoes, and a whole huge list of other things he oughtn’t have because of heart or kidneys or brain or any number of things. (Is there stuff he’s not allowed to eat because of his brain surgeries? I’m not sure. Hmm.) Bad foods are okay occasionally. Eating something once a week won’t kill you. (I think that’s his. I quote.)

Doggie Companions

My dad has always had doggie companions. The dogs were always the fault of my mother, my sister and I, but Dad always took care of them. Liesl was his first companion. Liesl stayed in his room with him all day, all the time. They were buddies. After Liesl died, Zeno and Isabel stayed with him some of the time, but now that Isabel’s gone, Zeno is Dad’s buddy now. We all acknowledge that Zeno is the best dog who ever lived in the history of the planet. Zeno will politely ask permission and, when given, reclines leisurely on the bed. He also likes to cuddle. See?

Here are some things my Daddy says.

Semper ubi sub ubi. (Always where under where.) You don’t have to be sorry, no one died. Eating something once a week won’t kill you. Beware of the hook. The Captain’s Word is Law. Eskimos pray: Give us this day our daily fish. The voice in your head is in voice jail. It wouldn’t be there unless it’d done something bad. Don’t listen to it. Hey, diddle, diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed To see such sport, And the dish ran away with the fish.

Here are some songs my Daddy taught me.

Poisoning Pigeons in the Park. The Vatican Rag. The Kid Who Wasn’t Going to Drink But Did Anyway and Regretted It. (I used to play this on the guitar.) There was an old woman who lived in the woods, wheel-a wheel-a waaaalll-ya. C-H-I-C-K-E-N. The Elements Song. (Daddy always sings this one the best.) I learned the Animaniacs Countries song because of a bet with him. Here are some musicals I know because my Daddy liked them: My Fair Lady. Fiorello! We used to listen to these on old cassette tapes in his little car in Pennsylvania when I was growing up. They’d been recorded off of records. I always remember the breaks in Fiorello where the record had messed up – when I listen to my digital copy today, I can still sing the goofy broken bits in my head, as if the record were still messing up the recording.


My dad is the best person to talk to ever in the history of people. He knows lots of things, and doesn’t ever stop surprising me. Occasionally this pisses me off, but sometimes I don’t like to hear that I’m wrong. My dad would always tell me honestly what he thought of any performance, so that I could have good objective criticism to work with. Dad always puts new perspectives on things. He knows what all kinds of things mean. He has made me see all kinds of alternate dimensions and parallel universes that who even knew were there? We Morrises don’t need recreational drugs, we are already too cognitively loose. I definitely inherited that!

All told, my dad is the BEST POSSIBLE dad. I am certain of this. I sure am glad he’s around. :}


Sunday Beautiful, and Showertime

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It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I’m going to jump in the shower before heading off for Scheduled Sunday Activities – but first I’m going to share today’s shower mix. Click here or on the link on the bottom left to listen.

Today on the worldmegan

  • God Loves Us and He Hates You: Bomb Factory. Brilliant band. Adore everything I’ve heard from them so far. Check out their MySpace page, and their official website here.
  • Fett’s Vette: MC Chris, also brilliant. When I can rattle off all these lyrics right out of my head, I will be a god.
  • I Saw the Sign: I’ve always been a big fan of Ace of Base, but until recently I only had their stuff on cassette. It’s just as good when it’s digital.
  • Love You Madly: Cake. My personal theme song.
  • Need You Tonight: Woo! Dance music! INXS is here.
  • Play With Us: I found Curiosity via Telepathine and Warren Ellis. Love this. Also found on Mperia.
  • Push th’ Little Daisies: The inimitable Ween.
  • Satellite: Bosco. This is off the Tomb Raider soundtrack, but I can’t find anything about Bosco. Anyone with information, contact me, I must know more!
  • Science City Zero: Also a result of Warren Ellis and Telepathine. Take a look at Bit Shifter here.
  • The Ghost that Feeds: I’m not entirely sure where this came from, but maybe it was here. It’s a mash of Ray Parker Jr’s “Ghostbusters” and Nine Inch Nails “The Hand That Feeds”... and it’s so entertaining!

I imagine this venture is for brave broadband souls only, but lots of us fall under that category these days. :}


Collect those v-cards — Gotta catch ‘em all!

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Monday night we officially celebrated Missy’s birthday (or at least the beginning of birthday week, which, I have it on good authority, lasts a good seven days). We went to the Horseshoe Bar, which is simply the most fabulous spot in Warren. Or Youngstown. Or anywhere within reasonable distance.

I’m not a huge connoisseur of bars in general, but the Horseshoe Bar is unlike anything I’ve seen so far. It has a beautiful patio with an outdoor bar, and an inside bar shaped like a horseshoe (of course) with a pool table and nice, clean restrooms (plus!). There’s an unfinished area through the corridor between the patio and the inside bar, which makes me really, really curious about what they’re planning (if anything). And even on a weekend, the first time I went, the place was very quiet and mellow. The drinks aren’t unreasonably priced (like everywhere else) and the people seem friendly. I was impressed, dude, and I’m just not a bar kinda gal!

I have plenty of pictures, though it’s dark. We had a lot of fun and I intend to go back when possible. Bars. Ha! We’ll see if it stays this cool when it’s more popular!


Youngstown Fire Extravaganza

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The following is a clip Greg Ricker posted from the Vindicator:

Fire Ruled Accidental
From the Youngstown Vindicator on 6/4/2005.

YOUNGSTOWN — The fire that destroyed a 105-year-old downtown building nearly two weeks ago has been ruled accidental, fire department officials said.

Capt. Tim McGarry of the Youngstown Fire Department said the cause of the fire at the Youngstown Mattress Company Arts Center has still not been determined. No damage amounts are available because insurance companies are still investigating, he said.

The fire broke out around 6:30 p.m. May 22 at the center at 460 Martin Luther King Blvd. Many area artists used the building to display and create their work.

The department also responded to several structure fires on Friday night. Details were not available.

We need more arts initiatives around here. We need more, and one has to go and get itself set on fire? Geeze, man.

Greg posted a bunch of my Mattress Co. photos at—I hope his visitors like them. It’s good that something fascinating and wonderful can come out of this madness, and I feel so badly for people who were involved with the Mattress Co., spent time there on a regular basis, etc. And I am jealous of anyone who has even been there once, because as I mentioned I didn’t even know it existed until it was burning!


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From Google:

  • The Peanut is the seed of the plant, Arachis hypogaea, a member of the pea family Fabaceae. Although a nut in the culinary sense, in the botanical sense the fruit of the peanut is a woody, indehiscent legume or pod. The pods, usually containing two seeds each, develop underground. The peanut plant is a hairy, taprooted annual that measures 30-50 cm (1-1.5 feet) in height.

From the Urban Dictionary:

  • 2. goober

    basically a goober is just a kindhearted, rather oblivious goofball. it’s term of endearment really. it comes from the ancient scottish verb “to goub”, which has to do with doing a dance and smiling sheepishly while doing so, exposing the goubs in one’s teeth.

    “That John is such a goober,” said Jane as John vector-danced* his Junior Prom away.

    *footnote: the vector dance involves angling one’s arms to form angles and vectors and pumping them back and forth to music. basically, it’s geeky as hell. but completely sexy.

    Source: Parker., Jun 5, 2004


For those of you who have been waiting, as I have…

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...The road. Is. OPEN.

How about THAT!? :-D Hey, I think this means I can order pizza again. Woo!


Brilliance (and all the inconveniences thereof)

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You would expect that painkillers, peppermint tea, a good book and a few other relaxing pleasantries would all add up to sleep, especially in someone as sick as I was all week.

I’m here to tell you that it just isn’t true.

Of course, if one is reading Orson Scott Card’s Xenocide, I’m beginning to think it’s absolutely impossible and I can’t imagine how I ever came to any other conclusion. (Don’t you dare read that book without reading the first two… first.)

I think that perhaps after five days of being miserably afflicted with something awfully reminiscent of strep, my brain was yearning for activity on which my body just couldn’t quite follow through. Let’s make a list. My throat was more sore than it has ever been. I couldn’t swallow without psyching myself up and telling myself how absolutely mindbendingly horrible it would be, so that the actual swallowing was not quite as bad as my imagination made it out to be. (This was very difficult – and I have a very good imagination!) The outside of my throat was having a swollen lymph node party. I had two normal glands swollen on either side of my throat – you know, the ones you get when you have the flu? And then I had another one on the left side just under my jawline. It felt like someone had laid her evil alien egg in there. I was certain it would hatch out and I’d bleed to death. (The doctor assured me that it was fine, and it wouldn’t kill me, and he wasn’t worried.)

In addition to these, my gums were swollen and swollen and very painful, and have I mentioned that they were very swollen? I don’t believe I have ever in my entire life had swollen gums, or painful gums, in any way that could possibly be compared to that. I was completely unable to chew.

Let me make this clear. I could not chew. I really, really like to chew. Chewing allows me to eat food, and I really, really like food. Do you understand?

So that’s the worst of it. I had an awful fever Wednesday night of last week, and a slightly more bearable fever Thursday night. Friday night I slept fitfully, but at least I wasn’t (too) feverish. Saturday I woke up and discovered, to my utter dismay, that I was unable to stand or walk for more than a moment, or even sit up for long periods of time! I didn’t know if this was due to my suddenly and severely abbreviated diet (not being able to chew will do that to you), or just another stage of illness. Some have suggested that the antibiotics are to blame, and since I take my last dosage of those today, I’m not going to worry about it too much. I also drove all over the planet yesterday, and did quite a bit of standing and walking, so things are looking up!

Today I woke up a little kooky in the head. I had this mad urge to work – and this is very good, because after being really sick for about a week and marginally sick for probably another week in days before and after, I am most definitely behind! Besides this, my mouth didn’t really hurt all that much. I’m not eating hard cereal for breakfast, but I’m doin’ okay, you see? It’s a beautiful day!

But I still really wonder about that painkiller brilliance. I wonder if it was authentic or manufactured. And perhaps I can dredge it up again by natural Megan methods, instead of using drugs. I never thought of drugs being fit for the purpose of making someone brilliant, really. I’m not too keen on the idea of using drugs to make me consistently brilliant. I would certainly settle for occasionally brilliant, sans drugs. Definitely something to think about.

Go read the first three Ender books. This is your mission. Do not fail me.


Happy happy happy Birthday!

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Today was Missy’s birthday! I expected to be home long before midnight, and of course that didn’t happen (as it never, ever does). It’s about 2am now, here I am, two hours late. So I am back-posting to 11:59pm on June 1st to say that Missy is the most wonderful person EVER, and I hope she had the bestest most amazing birthday!

And I’m going to give you a beautiful picture of her, too.

Much love, sweety! Happy birthday!

Skype Madness

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On the experience of the Dragon Page folks (today is Dragon Page day, have you noticed?), I’m trying Skype. I had never heard enough to be overly impressed with the whole idea, but the Dragon Page is using Skype pretty heavily and I trust their judgement – I don’t think they’d be using it if it wasn’t working all right for them.

In any case, ask me for the number and we’ll give it a shot. Who knows, right?

Firefly, Ohmygoodness

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I’ve finally gotten around to listening to the latest Wingin’ It from the Dragon Page. They’re talking about Serenity, my stomach, it is doing flip flops, I am dying.

I want my movie. Oh, god.

Even though talking about it is causing me pain… talking about it is also causing me unmanageable bliss. So if you need unmanageable Firefly / Serenity bliss, go listen to the latest Wingin’ It. Mike and Evo are doing really, really good things these days.

Crazy note: Joe says something in this show about not wanting Serenity to conflict with Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, Harry Potter is great. But if Harry Potter screws with Serenity I will rip holes in its face. No offense to Harry Potter. I love you, Harry Potter.

The Youngstown Mattress Company

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I sort of dropped the ball on this one, but I’m going to pick it back up. I went back a week or two ago to get pictures of the poor, gutted Mattress Co. It was so sad. I had heard that it was an Arts effort and even not knowing anything about it, that made it much worse. It means that there were things destroyed that can never be replaced, not in a million years.

I got two rockin’ comments from Greg at and he gave me some more information about the whole ordeal. His site, by the way, is wildly cool. There are a lot of astouding pictures – far better pictures than I managed to get, most especially because I was afraid to go too close, lest I be in the way (or lest someone get pissed at me)! Yeah, I’m a closet pyro – but really, who isn’t? And I will be the first to tell you that disasters like this are disturbing and saddening, but there is also something fascinating and powerful about them. I won’t go into that again, because I already yammered about it. :}

Greg says [with links added afterward]:

Good day. I read your blog and the fire you took photos of was the Youngstown Mattress Company Arts Center. It was a renovated Mattress Maufacturing building converted to studio apartments and small shops. I am facinated with fire photography and in the daily life of firefighters. I created to share my interest with others and to honor the men and women who fight the battles you were so drawn to.

The second fire you linked to was a trailer fire in Youngstown, Florida. WJHG is their local NBC affiliate.

There was a second vacant house fire on the South Side while the Yo Mattress Comapny Arts Center was burning.

The third fire you linked to on was a photo story I submitted on the 520 Garfield structure fire. It was a different day entirely :)

[Note from Megan: With breathtaking photos!]

I loved your photos! They capture exactly what I saw as I was on my way to photograph the fire. You caught the fire early on. Here is some information you can add, the fire was at the Youngstown Mattress Arts Center at 40 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (You can see more pictures in the Youngstown Fire Department in Action galleries). The building was 105 years old. In photo 15175954_618ce086ac_o.jpg, the red and brick building with the flag is the main Youngstown Fire Station. Let me know what other questions you have about the fire and I’ll try and answer them :)


So thanks for the kind words and the offer, dude! I guess the thing I am wondering most is whether there is an existing website for the Youngstown Mattress Co. as an Arts Center, or if there is somewhere I can find out more information about it. It kills me that I didn’t even know it existed, and now it’s gone. If anyone has questions they want to ask Greg, gimme and I’ll post em (or I’ll email him). And then we’ll have answers. :}

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