Cephalopocalypse is Nigh

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The shirts are here, and hopefully we’ll have a site up soon. But you, you can get your foot in the door. You have a real chance. It’s an opportunity. You have to reach out and grab it. (With your wriggly, tentacly, suckered fingers…)

About the shirts we used: We like these t-shirts. They’re soft and comfy. They’re heavyweight cotton/poly blend, 50/50, and they look GREAT. To take care of them, we wash them cold (cold cold cold!) with other darks, tumble dry low (or no heat at all, which is how all my wash is done these days). And we don’t iron the nice picture, ‘cause that would be bad.

About the image: The image is excellent – it’s a Marty Whitmore original, hot like pancakes! He drew up the preliminary on paper and then vectorized it from scratch like only a mad vectorizin’ Marty can. It gives me shivers – it makes me think End of the World, Calamari Damacy style. (You ain’t played no pickin’-up-stuff game till you’ve played it with squiddy suckers!)

Cephalopocalypse T-shirt: $14 + $4 shipping
Select a Size

Pricing and pictures: They’re only $14 bucks a tee, plus $4 for flat rate shipping, and I think that’s pretty good. (Let us know what you think, too!) And if you want to see that image a little better, take a look at the pictures in my Flickr stream. That will give you a better view, especially if you have a pro account!

Oh! This is important: The payment will say ‘Virtual Magpie’ on it, and most likely you will see my business address I just don’t want anyone to be alarmed if they’re not already in the know!

Sizes and shipping: Right now we have mediums, larges, and extra-larges available – if we don’t have them in your size, , so we can add that size later! (Em is wearing a medium in those pictures.) If these go well we’ll keep makin’ em. (It was so much fun making these shirts!!) If you want it sent fast, or cheap, or whatever you please, and we’ll work it out. :}

Feedback, please please! This is a new project for us, and it’s our first tshirt-sellin’ project ever, so we really want feedback. anything that’s on your mind – how you think we should do this, what you think shirts should cost, if you think something else should be on them. Hell, share whatever happens to be on your mind! We want people to be happy and we’re eager to please. :}

Anyway, you folks are ultra cool. This wouldn’t be any fun without you. :P

PS. Emily helped. Doesn’t she rock?


  1. Woot! I will so write you a check for one of those!

    Comment by James — 10/31/2005 @ 8:07 pm

  2. What’s a Cephalopocalypse ?

    Comment by wonderful electric — 11/2/2005 @ 9:08 am

  3. The end of the world.

    With tentacles.

    ::tentacle suckery poppy noises::

    Comment by worldmegan — 11/2/2005 @ 1:48 pm

  4. I’d rather go in a nuclear holocaust methinks. There’s something very petrifying and scary about huge killer octopuses.

    Comment by wonderful electric — 11/3/2005 @ 7:42 am

  5. Take a closer look at that octopoid. A cephalopocalypse IS a nuclear holocaust. :-D

    I personally think there’s something charismatic and sexy about huge killer octopuses, but I never claimed to be normal. ;}

    Comment by worldmegan — 11/3/2005 @ 12:18 pm

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