The Last 52 Hours

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A few very interesting things have happened recently. Here’s the rundown.

My Flickr photo count has gone up exponentially. If not truly exponentially, we can at least pretend. I’ve been posting a lot of old pictures, plus a few new ones.

This morning I woke up with a completely absent voice. I mean, gone. I think I pushed myself too hard last night, and here’s the fun part, here’s the part of the rundown that is all about last night, and the day preceding it, and the day preceding that. Hold onto your seats, children, this one’s a doozy.

Friday morning my father had a heart attack. Yes, another heart attack. Not a pansy heart attack like the last one, either. An honest-to-goodness, clock ticking, get out of bed now or you’re toast heart attack. I think the doctors called it ‘severe’. Someone used the word ‘massive’. I guess I’m not much for medical terminology, but you get the idea.

I was out of the house at the time, and it took my mother a phonecall and a half to get a hold of me. When she finally succeeded, she got as far as, “Your Dad had another heart attack. We’re in the emergency room…” And the phone disconnected. That’s right – we lost the signal. I shouted my best expletive in mixed company and scrambled to call her back. Long story short, I met them at St. Elizabeth’s in Youngstown and Dad was already taken care of, in the middle of a heart catheterization that was holding up at least one other really nice family, waiting along with us with all the heart-related folks.

We waited for four or five hours. My uncle joined us; I attempted to catch up my email via cell phone, but the cell wasn’t being particularly cooperative, so I gave up that attempt. At this point my brain was too fried with allergies and emotional upset to get anything accomplished.

Historical context, for those of you who are unfamiliar with my father’s medical history: Several years ago, Dad had a mild heart attack at our home in Salem. The local firemen mobilized with the ambulance and got him off to the hospital, where we found that the mild attack was a precursor to something much, much worse. Long story short, he had his quintuple bypass and recovered slowly but well. Party!

Since then he’s had all kinds of other medical fun, like deep brain surgery for the essential tremor in his hands, and he has recovered well every time. He eats well (there was no cholesterol build-up when they checked) and takes his medicine when he’s supposed to (as far as I can ascertain!). He doesn’t take aspirin, though, and the reason he doesn’t take aspirin is that it’s hard on his kidneys, so the kidney folks told him not to take it. He also has a history of stomach ulcers, and that’s just one more thing aspirin could aggravate… so no aspirin, despite its helpful heart attributes.

From what the doctor said after all the waiting, aspirin could have prevented the heart attack. The vein from my father’s leg that had been moved to his heart during his open-heart surgery had been 100% plugged because of a blood clot. They don’t use leg veins anymore, the doctor said, they use chest veins. The leg veins are two narrow.

One by one the doctor listed options that were too risky to take advantage of. Another bypass would be too risky. Another catheterization might be too risky. Even the idea of putting in a stint made the doctor frown. He said that they would keep him on blood thinners in intensive care and in the morning we would see if a stint would even be possible.

When we saw Dad in the ICU he looked awful. He was very groggy. His mouth was really dry, because the nurse wasn’t sure if he could have anything to drink yet. “Would you like some nice ice chips?” (That’s another funny story, remind me to tell you that one.) His speech was slurred drastically, and we had a lot of trouble understanding him… even when he was speaking in coherent sentences… which came few and far between. Of course, he was drugged up to the ears, so this wasn’t all that surprising. But it was alarming. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t a fun game.

We stayed awhile while Mom filled out papers. Eventually we left Dad to sleep and went home. I don’t remember much about going home. I had hysteria beating on the inside of my face. Hysteria makes me feel sort of useless, though I have it on good authority that I am not quite hysterical enough to be completely useless. Later Friday I felt a lot better because when we visited Dad in the evening he had been fed, he was lucid, and he was talking, joking and complaining as per usual. Much better. Of course, the situation hadn’t changed much – they were keeping him on blood thinners and Special Kidney Protecting Medicine™, and keeping him in the ICU, to see if his kidneys would be okay. If they were still okay after a few days, we’d be happy.

My sister flew in from New York; her flight was due early in the evening, but she got delayed again and again and again. Finally the flight was on its way, and she would definitely be in… at 12:30 am. So I drove to Akron. I kept myself awake by singing loudly and obnoxiously. (The more I think about it, the more I think this and the stress were the only reasons I lost my voice.) On the way home there was lots to talk about because I don’t get to spend very much one-on-one time with my sister, so we chatted and listened to music from her laptop. About halfway home I knew my voice was going… but I didn’t know by the next day it would be missing in action entirely!

Saturday morning my sister and mother went to visit Dad. I wasn’t in much shape to join them, so I stayed here and waited. Later on I got a message from Em that Dad’s kidneys had actually improved slightly overnight, so if the vein cleared up enough they might be able to put in a stint. This is good news! They didn’t sound really optimistic about it, but it was still good news. Woo! I can use good news. The rest of the day I went through photos, trying to stem the flow of freaking out. Mom and Em drove all around and then came home. Then around six Em and I left to get sandwiches and visit Dad. Family was there already; they stayed for about an hour longer than they were supposed to, but the nurse was nice about it. I’m sure she wouldn’t have been so nice about it if Dad weren’t doing well enough… so that’s a plus, too. Eventually they left and Em and I sat and talked with Dad for a little while, speculating on whether or not we were allowed to bring him sushi.

We stopped at Giant Eagle on the way home and I tried the California rolls Em bought. You know, California rolls are fine… but they are cheating. However… they don’t taste bad at all! I plan to introduce Em to real sushi sometime this weekend, and hopefully we can bring Dad some too (sans soy sauce, since he’s on a low sodium diet for the moment). I wonder if we’ll have to bribe the nurses?

So there’s all the news I have. Dad may be moved to a regular hospital room today, which will make him happy, since he’ll be allowed to have his cell phone! Then, at least, we’ll be allowed to visit when we like… instead of a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening. Emily is going back to NY on Monday, and apparently her boss is being very, very nice about all of this. (Signs of a good boss, certainly.) In the meantime… we’re just waiting.

Waiting makes me tired.

What does not make me tired… what heals the tired almost completely… is the steady flow of wonderful voicemail and email I’ve been receiving since this all began. I made a frazzled, crazy connection with my circle of friends to let them know why I’d disappeared, and almost immediately I was getting all kinds of rockin’ emotional support. You folks really are beautiful, do you know that?

Besides that, I have also been corresponding with Dad’s friends to let them know what’s going on. His bible study friends were frantic, along with a lot of very fretful folks from his mailing lists. My mother had called Cheryl to let her know why Dad would not be at bible study later that morning, and Cheryl had passed the information along to Dad’s mailing lists. Soon enough I was sending Cheryl emails whenever possible to keep her updated, so no one would worry needlessly. I have to tell you folks, getting mail asking if your father made it through the night will break your heart. But I did my best and I am very glad I was able to help keep everyone in the know. (I know how I feel when I’m not in the know… brr!)

Not only did I keep Cheryl and all of Dad’s friends updated… but Cheryl forwarded me mail from everyone with well wishes for Dad’s swift recovery. They’re all over the world, and they’re sending such fabulously nice messages for me to print out to give to him. He has a huge sheaf of printouts with him in the ICU now. And, er, my printer paper is almost gone. But I can get new printer paper. He sure loves those people! He is very lucky to have them, in exactly the fashion that I am lucky to have so many sweet people who are being kind and supportive and tolerant of my hysteria. ;} I guess we both managed to find a treasure trove of the best people in the world… because we spend so much time online!

Neat, isn’t it?

I’ll update again as soon as I can.


LiveJournal Friendly

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Since I have a feeling there are more people reading these posts via a LiveJournal friends page than in traditional RSS readers, I’ve tried to make a few LJ-friendly changes. Both of them are in order to avoid bonkering your friends page when I 1. post a long entry or 2. funnel a ton of pictures into Flickr. At this point, posts from here will show (ostensibly) as summaries instead of full posts, and only certain Flickr photos will get through to the feed. I hope this works – let me know if there’s anything I missed that might make life easier.

I admit I also decided to use summaries so that when people post comments, they’d post them here, where I’m notified of their existance, instead of as LJ comments to worldmegannet @ LJ… since I have no way of knowing when a comment shows up there. Silly LJ. They should let me claim the feed. Well, maybe the whole Six Apart thing will pay off and that’ll happen someday.

Das all I got!


Workflow Software (gush?)

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It recently became apparent to me how precious some of these smaller Mac OS X software companies are to me. That happens when I can’t find the software I want—I’m so used to having the perfect solution, crafted with OS X’s impeccable style. Don’t freak out – everything’s okay. The only thing I want right now is a better contact management solution, but I’ll survive just fine on what I have. Every other solution I have – calendar, mail client, FTP client, all of them – is so, so good!

If you’re expecting in-depth reviews, you’ll have to go elsewhere, but here are the packages I use and some mild gushing about how much I like them.

Mail client: These days I’m using Mailsmith by Bare Bones Software. It really does its job well, and my God, the spam filters on this thing! Spam Sieve comes with Mailsmith, and it is so yummy. And backing it up is easy, which makes me happy. After all, I keep a lot of important information in my mail files.

FTP client: I was going to write a whole gushy post about Interarchy, but then I realized that I haven’t even made a dent in its feature list, so I thought I’d wait till I explored that further. Since I started using this software, my relationship with the web server is pretty stress-free. Dude. It’s great, great software. Stairways rocks.

Backup software: ChronoSync by Econ Tech is what I use to run backups. I thought I was having problems with it when I first started, and it turned out to be the crappy USB harddrive I was using, way back when – nowadays I have a spiffy LaCie firewire and everything runs beautifully. ChronoSync is another software package that has so many great options, I just haven’t managed to explore them all yet.

Calendar: I just bought DayChaser (also by Econ) in the last week or so because I was sick of drawing calendars on printer paper and keeping all the months in a folder. Long story short, I’d gotten extremely annoyed at a previous calendar application and deleted it in a fit of passion (read: after much deliberation and arghing). I went through a few more apps before I started drawing out my calendars myself, but after just a week of using DayChaser I can honestly say that it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to be. I’m happy. I’m glad I bought the thing. And it’s GORGEOUS to look at.

Application launcher: I may have mentioned this before, but I would not be able to survive without LaunchBar. It’s made a ridiculous difference in my work efficiency. Beyond that, I fear it’s made using any computer that doesn’t have it something of a pain in the ass, because I have to remember how non-LaunchBar-enabled people do things before I can get anything accomplished. The difference, regardless, is totally worth it. There are so many things I can DO. (Yes, I know, Quicksilver... we’ve had this discussion before. LaunchBar still runs more smoothly on my system.) I don’t know what Tiger will do to my usage of LaunchBar, but I don’t expect to upgrade to Tiger until I am certain there are no big bug problems that will make me cry. So there you have it. Thank you, ObDev.

RSS reader: I picked up NewsFire after it got a mention in someone’s blog – I think it might’ve been Adri’s. It took some fiddling, but I really like it – it’s definitely smoother than NetNewsWire, at least on my system, and it was a good purchase.

I guess those are all the ones I am really enamored with. They’re all linked in workflow over there on the left, in case you need to find them again. Yum.

Jealousy, and Rodeohead in LA

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I am positively green. Apparently Hard ‘n Phirm are playing in Los Angeles on Saturday at the Improv in Hollywood. These are the folks who are responsible for the keenly crafted bluegrass medley of Radiohead songs deserving of your praise and aplomb. I would love to see them, and I haven’t even really heard very much of their music. What does that say to you? It says that if you live in LA you’re lucky, that’s what it says. (I got this from Shane @ Thanks, Shane.)


Oh, Gush.

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Dear Flickr,

I love you guys. I love you so much. I want to bear your incredibly gracious, Yahoo-merging, user-loving progeny. I admit I never really cared for Yahoo all that much, but your recent actions have turned me around completely. Yahoo is my best friend. Yahoo is funding my clandestine lover and Yahoo must be showered with sweet rice and apple blossoms and tiny, tiny paper angels. And Flickr, Flickr is my rock, my fortress, my secret refuge in the storm, my rain in the desert, my flame in the icy wastes! My heart is for Flickr and Flickr alone. We rock?? We rule?? We are your eternal breathless servants. We are slaves to your whim. Your generosity compells us. Command your army, for we art thine!

Adoration and infinite servitude,

PS: I have one free Flickr Pro account left. Who wants it, and what will you do for it? ;}

The Fanfiction Post

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Why Adelynne Decided to Start Writing Fanfiction Again: Nikki IMed this to me a few days ago, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to say anything about it. It’s a really good article, especially this part:

Writing original worlds is, by nature, a lonely exercise. Even collaboration is difficult because the characters are yours. You’ve thought of them, built up an image in your head. In your mind’s eye is a background far more detailed than will ever make it on the page. And there is always the danger that someone will take your beautiful creation and turn it into something you consider the absolute antithesis.

Fanfiction holds no such conundrum. The characters don’t belong to you. You didn’t create them, and you are not entitled to be their keeper. You borrow them for a while, play and share nicely, and put them back on the shelf for others when you’re done. And best of all, there is that community present so that you can show people and say “look what I made them do!”

That’s how I feel about fanfiction, and why it has still held something of an allure for me for the past few years, even though I haven’t been very active in that time. I have tried to set up a system wherein the original writing could have these same traits… the community, the ‘look what I did’, the ‘it’s your turn’... but so far haven’t been successful.

Queue Theme Music…

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Ladies and gentlemen, today is… Sinus Infection Day. And I am Sinus Infection Megan, complete with karate chop arm action, here to guide you on your journey through…

Ow, my head.

Ow, all of me, actually. Shooting video game guns really uses arm muscles, you know that? No one is more surprised than me, man. Although, really, I might be sore for sinus infection reasons, but I doubt it. Maybe I need to shoot video game guns more often. Intriguing.

In any case, I’m still here. Somewhat annoyed to have been ambushed, but in good spirits! I have a lot to do and I think I’m going to just do it… with hot chai, with coke and / or whisky to break up the brick of crap sitting behind my eyes and nose, and a huge half gallon water bottle full of blessed, wonderful water. I love water.

But – but!! I have links today. These links are my reason for being, they are keeping me going. So let’s see what I’ve got here. Okay, no, I have one link. Deal with it. :-D

  • New Tick Six Issue Miniseries: Some of you might like to know about this – I’m sort of interested too because I just started watching the Tick cartoons, though I haven’t finished them yet. Now I’m wondering what the comic was like… and if this one will be as good.

    Ben Edlund’s The Tick is set to make a comeback this July, in a new six issue miniseries entitled The Tick: Days of Drama. The miniseries is being released by New England Comics and will be written by Clay Griffith with art by Dave Garcia. The first issue also comes with a Tick mini-comic attached to the cover.

  • Weird Exclamation Point Issues: WordPress (or more likely Textile, of which I think I’m using version one) tries to turn three exclamation points into something else. What, I don’t know. But look: What does that look like to you? Does anyone have any idea of what’s going on?

Okay, that’s all I have. Now I’m going to have a nice soy yogurt smoothie (strawberry, nummy!)... and drink a lot of water… and go nuts with the tea, and get some work done. I actually feel somewhat better than I did when I woke up, but I think that’s because allergies are involved, and allergy symptoms are always worse at night. Anyone have any mondo-cool sinus infection remedies to share?


Hot Chai Heaven

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You know, I feel like I haven’t had a cup of chai since I worked in an office twenty minutes away from home. Wow. And of course that’s not true – I bought a bag of vanilla chai shortly after I began my home office exploits, and finished it in under a week. I didn’t buy anymore; I knew what it was doing to me. Yes, it was suffusing my body with caffeine and giving me surfeits of energy to work with. It was also never strong enough in its recommended amounts, and I was always making double and triple and quadruple chais for myself. Right now I am drinking double the recommended amount, and it’s so thin and weak...

I suppose I am just mad for chai. But damn, it’s so good.

I went off caffeine entirely for quite awhile recently. And then, a few weeks ago, I picked it back up. The odd cola here, the odd cola there. An extra can of Coke in the afternoon to combat the drowsies. And then a can in the morning to jumpstart my work day. Those first few doses of caffeine after the drought, I have to tell you, they hit me like a freight train. It was those times that convinced me that caffeine is as potent as any drug and not to be regarded lightly. Of course, I didn’t stop consuming. But I recognized the formidability of my foe.

So now I have chai, which is worse than Coke, because it does not have an after-noon-only stigma. I hesitate slightly before drinking soda before noon – chai doesn’t phase me at all. Am I in trouble for good, or just until I finish this canister?

And do I indulge in triple and quadruple chais to placate my sensabilities, and perhaps use up the supply more quickly?

And will I have the strength to avoid buying more?

Only time will tell. In the meantime I have all this energy… I’m getting to work!


Leftovers are the Bestovers

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Here are the leftovers from the past few days – links I haven’t had time to write about but can’t in good conscience forget without mentioning them.

  • Does this seem like a really bad idea to anyone else? I don’t know anything about the product, I’ve never examined it, I haven’t read any reviews about it. But I get a little claustrohydrophobic just looking at it…
  • I can’t help but be intrigued by Jason Kottke’s blog patronage experiment and its meantime results. I think that in theory this is an extremely good idea, and with some tweaking could really improve upon conventional methods (of blogging, and of paying one’s bills).
  • I posted a bunch of photos from St. Patrick’s Day 2005 that I hadn’t gotten to yet. I love taking pictures in the Youngstown Crab Company bar during holiday parties because the lights are so pretty. We had a lot of fun on St. Pat’s. :}

That’s it for now. As for today, I have noticed that vitamins work almost as well as caffeine and that loud music strengthens my resolve to plow through my to-do list. I’m going to take advantage of this newfound knowledge and… get stuff done. :}


Movie Magic

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I’ve been seeing a lot of new movies lately. A lot of them came from Cinema Wasteland and were cute, low-budget affairs. It gave me new perspective on the nature of low budget films – you know, the ones you get on your miniDV and edit in iMovie on your laptop. Cute. Not the sort of thing you usually see in a movie theater… or even on television.

But then I saw Alien Apocalypse on the Sci-Fi network.

You may have heard the rumors, so you won’t have to pay too much attention to what I say next. But if you haven’t… don’t watch Alien Apocalypse, no matter how dearly you adore Bruce Campbell. Alien Apocalypse made me cry.

IMDB says that Lucy Lawless was originally offered Renée O’Connor’s role in the movie, but she turned it down. (I’m assuming she took the bit part in Boogeyman instead. Well, at least Boogeyman had a decent first half… Alien Apocalypse was all misery.)

I’m guessing that Bruce and Renée are starting to feel the way many of us are starting to feel – that money is money. I don’t know what kind of work Renée’s had since Xena. Bruce wrote a book. I don’t know much about how actors come into the limelight and then leave – but I think the former is quick, and the latter is slow. They fade, I guess. I postulate that Sci-Fi needed filler material – gave a guy $20 bucks and told him to make a two-hour TV movie. Argh.

I even have a hard time accepting it for what it was, and it was pretty disappointing. It was nice hearing that old familiar Bruce Campbell patter, but that same patter was surrounded by awful acting, awful direction, awful visual effects, awful scene planning… I have to stop, I’m starting to hyperventilate. And I’m not even an original Bruce Campbell fan, I had to be introduced and reminded what the name was of that dude who played Autolycus on Xena, Brisco County, Jr., and Jack of All Trades. Dude, I hadn’t even realized they were all the same guy. How dense am I?

Anyhow, that’s my rant for the evening. It’s been a long day and as sunny as it was, I didn’t really get out of the house too much, except for my 20 minute exercise on the front porch. Part of me wants to launch into a diatribe about Boogeyman (which was Thursday night’s flick), but I think I’ll save that for another time. Or, hey, someone else can do it. I’m all for maintaining good vibes if at all possible. ;}


Yeah… about that astonished and embarrassed stuff?

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Okay, folks. I am really, really sorry. I had comments in moderation from the beginning of March. I’m all… horrified. I hate having to keep comments moderated at all, but the spam… the spam kills me. That’s no excuse. I am a bad, bad Megan.

There were too many of these, I felt so goofy! Paiman Samimi commented on my radio show post, it was short and sweet but I’m so glad he found the site! He really was wonderful and deserves all the kudos I can pile on him. Paiman, if you ever get a site please let me know so I can link up!

Anonymous (most likely a famous historical composer, but just as possibly someone contemporary) made a crazy cool interp of my shooting stars dream. I don’t even have words, that was so cool. Who are you, person? You are nifty. :P

And here’s the part where I morph into a shrieking, tactless fangirl because Evo from the Dragon Page radio show / podcast, commented on that podcast post I made. I try so hard not to be a fangirl. I always keep my cool. I’m allowed to lapse just this once, it’s my blog. So there. I win. ;}

So, for anyone who has noticed me taking months to approve comments… this is my apology. This is sort of like public self-flagellation. Who’s next with the flogger? First whack is free!


Too Good to Pass Up

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I’ve been saving these for too long, so they’re going up now.

  • She’s Not Making This Up: Adri Tan posted this forever ago and it’s been sitting in my bookmarks bar waiting to be dealt with. I couldn’t bear to delete and forget – it was just too entertaining.
  • April Fool’s Joke? Nope: This link goes to a site called ‘All About My Vagina’, which is not work safe unless your workplace feels kindly toward sex-positive literature. Sarah mentions here that actual sex-ed textbooks – ones that aren’t ‘abstinence-only’ in nature – are scarce (and possibly extinct for the moment). I can’t verify her sources, but the concept is alarming.
  • Jittery Monkey: Nope, no link here. I couldn’t find anything. Perhaps Opryland is the only hotel who has a drink with this name… or perhaps it’s just no big deal and no one cares but me. Missy had two of these during our stay and by all accounts it tastes good. I even didn’t mind it too much, and I’m just not a coffee kinda gal. It’s some kind of caffeinated coffee, chocolate and banana syrup. I was just so entertained by the name of the drink, I couldn’t help but mention it.
  • I can’t wait to see this movie: This link is worksafe, but the resulting links may not be. It’s about Sin City (movie) versus Sin City (comic book), neither of which I have seen / read, but I’m fascinated with the idea that the movie has been so neatly aligned with the original material. I’m dying to see it, but I’m trying to wait for the cheap theaters. That said, if any of you go to see it without me, I will perish. Perish, I say!
  • 43 Folders Wiki: 43Folders is perhaps the best resource ever for Mac OS X users who want an efficient workflow and good organizational habits. This wiki is full of genius material – in fact, this is going in my workflow links, it’s so yummy.
  • Ten Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Your Career: What have I been saying, guys? Blog, you fools! The primary reason I blog is to keep my writing and communication skills warm when I have little time for fiction writing. I used to write fiction like a fiend, but these days I have less and less time for it – and after all, blogging keeps me in touch with people I care about all over the world. This is a good, good list.

I’m astonished and embarrassed to say that I have way more links than these. I’ve been keeping them on hold for quite awhile now, but I promise I’ll get to them sometime soon. Eat these, I’ll make more.


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This afternoon while settling back in I read a Daring Fireball article about the nature of ‘replace’ in Windows and Mac operating systems. This is something I never knew, and something that honestly never occured to me to check out! It prompted a crazed backup check, a brand new backup, and a review of my backup software preferences, but it doesn’t seem to have caused any hairy problems. No problems at all, to my relief! It also mentions an interesting quirk about ‘replacing’ items in Windows – You all know how I feel about Windows and I suppose this is just something else to add to my list. Goofy, no?

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” ~ Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

New Links: Workflow

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There’s a new links category on the left there all about workflow. There are some tweaks I’ve been making to my operating system that I apparently can’t live without, and the first two are now in their proper place.

The first link is an Ask Tog article full of small OS X apps he’s found useful. I use almost all of them. ASM, DragThing and LaunchBar are absolutely indispensable to me – I can’t manage without them. Especially LaunchBar. (For the fanatics, yes, I’ve tried Quicksilver... but I just can’t get it to run as efficiently as LaunchBar does. I will keep trying, I promise.)

The second one is the official website of TypeIt4Me, which is incredibly, incredibly handy. These are all worth a download.

Home and Safe

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I think the title says it all. I’m going to grab a short nap and get my nose back on the grindstone. Ow. :}

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