Hot Chai Heaven

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You know, I feel like I haven’t had a cup of chai since I worked in an office twenty minutes away from home. Wow. And of course that’s not true – I bought a bag of vanilla chai shortly after I began my home office exploits, and finished it in under a week. I didn’t buy anymore; I knew what it was doing to me. Yes, it was suffusing my body with caffeine and giving me surfeits of energy to work with. It was also never strong enough in its recommended amounts, and I was always making double and triple and quadruple chais for myself. Right now I am drinking double the recommended amount, and it’s so thin and weak...

I suppose I am just mad for chai. But damn, it’s so good.

I went off caffeine entirely for quite awhile recently. And then, a few weeks ago, I picked it back up. The odd cola here, the odd cola there. An extra can of Coke in the afternoon to combat the drowsies. And then a can in the morning to jumpstart my work day. Those first few doses of caffeine after the drought, I have to tell you, they hit me like a freight train. It was those times that convinced me that caffeine is as potent as any drug and not to be regarded lightly. Of course, I didn’t stop consuming. But I recognized the formidability of my foe.

So now I have chai, which is worse than Coke, because it does not have an after-noon-only stigma. I hesitate slightly before drinking soda before noon – chai doesn’t phase me at all. Am I in trouble for good, or just until I finish this canister?

And do I indulge in triple and quadruple chais to placate my sensabilities, and perhaps use up the supply more quickly?

And will I have the strength to avoid buying more?

Only time will tell. In the meantime I have all this energy… I’m getting to work!

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  1. Somewhere around here, I used to have a great homemade chai recipe. It was spicy as hell, served hot as hell, and MADE A MAN MEAN.

    I gotta find it again next time there’s a rainy weekend.

    Comment by Dave — 4/16/2005 @ 10:05 pm

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