Oh, Gush.

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Dear Flickr,

I love you guys. I love you so much. I want to bear your incredibly gracious, Yahoo-merging, user-loving progeny. I admit I never really cared for Yahoo all that much, but your recent actions have turned me around completely. Yahoo is my best friend. Yahoo is funding my clandestine lover and Yahoo must be showered with sweet rice and apple blossoms and tiny, tiny paper angels. And Flickr, Flickr is my rock, my fortress, my secret refuge in the storm, my rain in the desert, my flame in the icy wastes! My heart is for Flickr and Flickr alone. We rock?? We rule?? We are your eternal breathless servants. We are slaves to your whim. Your generosity compells us. Command your army, for we art thine!

Adoration and infinite servitude,

PS: I have one free Flickr Pro account left. Who wants it, and what will you do for it? ;}

The Fanfiction Post

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Why Adelynne Decided to Start Writing Fanfiction Again: Nikki IMed this to me a few days ago, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to say anything about it. It’s a really good article, especially this part:

Writing original worlds is, by nature, a lonely exercise. Even collaboration is difficult because the characters are yours. You’ve thought of them, built up an image in your head. In your mind’s eye is a background far more detailed than will ever make it on the page. And there is always the danger that someone will take your beautiful creation and turn it into something you consider the absolute antithesis.

Fanfiction holds no such conundrum. The characters don’t belong to you. You didn’t create them, and you are not entitled to be their keeper. You borrow them for a while, play and share nicely, and put them back on the shelf for others when you’re done. And best of all, there is that community present so that you can show people and say “look what I made them do!”

That’s how I feel about fanfiction, and why it has still held something of an allure for me for the past few years, even though I haven’t been very active in that time. I have tried to set up a system wherein the original writing could have these same traits… the community, the ‘look what I did’, the ‘it’s your turn’... but so far haven’t been successful.

Queue Theme Music…

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Ladies and gentlemen, today is… Sinus Infection Day. And I am Sinus Infection Megan, complete with karate chop arm action, here to guide you on your journey through…

Ow, my head.

Ow, all of me, actually. Shooting video game guns really uses arm muscles, you know that? No one is more surprised than me, man. Although, really, I might be sore for sinus infection reasons, but I doubt it. Maybe I need to shoot video game guns more often. Intriguing.

In any case, I’m still here. Somewhat annoyed to have been ambushed, but in good spirits! I have a lot to do and I think I’m going to just do it… with hot chai, with coke and / or whisky to break up the brick of crap sitting behind my eyes and nose, and a huge half gallon water bottle full of blessed, wonderful water. I love water.

But – but!! I have links today. These links are my reason for being, they are keeping me going. So let’s see what I’ve got here. Okay, no, I have one link. Deal with it. :-D

  • New Tick Six Issue Miniseries: Some of you might like to know about this – I’m sort of interested too because I just started watching the Tick cartoons, though I haven’t finished them yet. Now I’m wondering what the comic was like… and if this one will be as good.

    Ben Edlund’s The Tick is set to make a comeback this July, in a new six issue miniseries entitled The Tick: Days of Drama. The miniseries is being released by New England Comics and will be written by Clay Griffith with art by Dave Garcia. The first issue also comes with a Tick mini-comic attached to the cover.

  • Weird Exclamation Point Issues: WordPress (or more likely Textile, of which I think I’m using version one) tries to turn three exclamation points into something else. What, I don’t know. But look: What does that look like to you? Does anyone have any idea of what’s going on?

Okay, that’s all I have. Now I’m going to have a nice soy yogurt smoothie (strawberry, nummy!)... and drink a lot of water… and go nuts with the tea, and get some work done. I actually feel somewhat better than I did when I woke up, but I think that’s because allergies are involved, and allergy symptoms are always worse at night. Anyone have any mondo-cool sinus infection remedies to share?

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