More Cinema Wasteland Shenanigans

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A few notes on the final Cinema Wasteland pictures that went up: Sunday afternoon we met more way-nifty LBP folks, hung around in the bar, and saw Tom Sullivan again. If you can handle the Definitely Not Safe For Work factor, please take a moment and visit Low Budget Pictures’ site.

Jason and Noel (yes, I’m a nerd and I had Noel’s name spelled wrong before – sorry sweety!) are the last two LBP people we met, who we also had cocktails with later on. They are wildly, wildly entertaining to spend time with. We also saw Loretta, who was at O’Donold’s Halloween bash in Warren last October dressed as a KISS Nurse – she looked great! (And she still looks great!) Then we took some final pictures with Tom Sullivan and I think that pretty much covers it! I’m dashing off now, but will probably update more later. ;}

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