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I know, I know. But I’m going to do another first, because I just made a new shower cd and I need to get in the shower. My brain’s workin’ funny. Check these out – click here or on the link on the bottom left to listen.

  • Technologic: I haven’t heard any Daft Punk at all, except for this song. You’ll remember it from iPod commercials past.
  • Sixteen Military Wives: By the inimitable Decemberists. Guys, you haven’t heard anything till you’ve heard this band.
  • Satan Is My Motor: Cake – I only discovered this recently. How did I miss this song?
  • Ecstasy: D’you guys remember Rusted Root?? I just started listening to them again and I just adore them, I can’t get enough. They’re from Pittsburgh, even. (I think?)
  • The Mariner’s Revenge Song: Also the Decemberists. Probably the best song on here. Pay attention.
  • Carbon Monoxide: From Cake’s latest album. Someone called this album pure liquid prozac. Was it Wil Wheaton, or did I make that up?
  • Twisted: I kind of think Joni Mitchell is neat, but haven’t heard a lot of her stuff. Todd made some of us listen to this song and every time I listen, it gets truer… (uh oh…)
  • The Bagman’s Gambit: Decemberists. You have to really listen to this one. It gets better every time you listen.
  • The Distance: This was my first Cake song ever. I heard it in Marty’s dorm room in college.

And really, isn’t a post sort of exactly the same as an A/V post? Should I make them the same? Are they kind of different? Does anyone have thoughts on this, or am I on my own?

You know, it feels like autumn out there.

Gives me shivers. Makes me happy.

Shower time.



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I came home tonight feeling laid back in a funny sort of way. I’m going to music-share again and see if I can get the idea across. Any of you know what I’m talking about?

Click here or on the link on the bottom left to listen.

  • O del mio dolce ardor: David Daniels, who is astonishing. I realized recently that this song gives me a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. There’s something dark to it that pulls me apart, like taffy.
    O longed-for object of my sweet passion,
    The air which you breathe at last I also breathe.
    Wherever I turn my gaze,
    Love makes me see
    Your fair features:
    My thoughts imagine
    The happiest hopes;
    And in the desire which thus fills my breast
    I seek you, call you, hope and sigh.
  • Cry Me a River: Lisa Ekdahl, who I discovered via Adri Tan’s site. I always heard about this song, but never really listened to it. It does the same thing. It pulls me apart. Like taffy.
  • I Will Hold On: All hail Moxy Fruvous.
  • Watermark: There isn’t actually anything in the whole wide world like Enya. In case you wondered.

As always, play if you have broadband. I think this gets the mellow out of my system for tonight; we’ll see how I feel in the morning.


Sunday Beautiful, and Showertime

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It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I’m going to jump in the shower before heading off for Scheduled Sunday Activities – but first I’m going to share today’s shower mix. Click here or on the link on the bottom left to listen.

Today on the worldmegan

  • God Loves Us and He Hates You: Bomb Factory. Brilliant band. Adore everything I’ve heard from them so far. Check out their MySpace page, and their official website here.
  • Fett’s Vette: MC Chris, also brilliant. When I can rattle off all these lyrics right out of my head, I will be a god.
  • I Saw the Sign: I’ve always been a big fan of Ace of Base, but until recently I only had their stuff on cassette. It’s just as good when it’s digital.
  • Love You Madly: Cake. My personal theme song.
  • Need You Tonight: Woo! Dance music! INXS is here.
  • Play With Us: I found Curiosity via Telepathine and Warren Ellis. Love this. Also found on Mperia.
  • Push th’ Little Daisies: The inimitable Ween.
  • Satellite: Bosco. This is off the Tomb Raider soundtrack, but I can’t find anything about Bosco. Anyone with information, contact me, I must know more!
  • Science City Zero: Also a result of Warren Ellis and Telepathine. Take a look at Bit Shifter here.
  • The Ghost that Feeds: I’m not entirely sure where this came from, but maybe it was here. It’s a mash of Ray Parker Jr’s “Ghostbusters” and Nine Inch Nails “The Hand That Feeds”... and it’s so entertaining!

I imagine this venture is for brave broadband souls only, but lots of us fall under that category these days. :}

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