Sleepy Saturday

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At least, I think it’s Saturday. It’s Saturday, right?

Today has consisted mostly of running errands (in Niles) and hiding from cramps (under my bedcovers). I did some work, watched a teeny bit of television, took a fairly useful afternoon nap. I even did a little bit of long-procrastinated research. My head hurts – or rather, my eyes hurt. But they hurt whether they’re open or closed, so I conjecture the problem is less with my eyes and more with my head. That doesn’t make any more sense than anything else, I freely admit it.

I had a bowl of cereal this morning. Then I had a bowl of spaghetti this afternoon. And most recently I ate a perfectly fine hard boiled egg sandwich, chased soon after by a very small piece of very good baked chicken. In short, I’ve been eating reasonably well. No problems there.

The weekend seems to have gone very quickly, but for some reason it still isn’t over. That confuses me, because I’m waiting very nicely for Monday and it hasn’t gotten here. Of course it isn’t some kind of rudeness, but… really. And don’t get me wrong – I have some very nice plans tomorrow that I’m looking forward to. (Hell, I had some very nice plans today that I was looking forward to… but cramps and all, they didn’t work out.) But I need Monday to get here so I can be industrious.

I find myself sitting downstairs despite the owies in my head, typing slowly, slumped sleepily, watching a Potter movie with my parents. Dad is across the room on one couch with his laptop, fully distracted. Zeno is sprawled next to Mom on the other couch, and though Zeno looks relaxed into boredom, Mom is looking fairly entertained. I have The Drawing of the Three next to me for commercial use, but I’m not using it, because I’m typing this entry. I want a cookie, but I’m not going to have one.

I wonder if they edit Harry Potter for prime-time television.

I’m guessing not.

In the past few weeks I’ve seen The Rock and Sex and the City on regular, non-cable television, and both were edited in painful, pointless ways. Why do they do that? Does it really make a difference?

This isn’t the Potter movie I wanted to see – I wanted to recall the third one, because having seen the fourth one Thursday night, I realized I couldn’t properly remember what came before. This is the second one, and that’s okay. It’s got my attention.

Mostly, anyway.


Makeup Night

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I went out with Rudi tonight. We had some wonderful chat time, saw a cool (cheap!) movie, and went makeup shopping. Rudi is the makeup goddess. Don’t you forget it.

If the evening with the makeup goddess hadn’t totally cheered me up, the email I had waiting for me at home would have. And beyond that, the Colbert Report recorded today played a clip from this video (worksafe but very shrieky!), which the incomparable Dave Klegman had shown me a day or two ago. Ladies and gentlemen, Stephen Colbert is a geek. He is an LOTR fanatic. And Jon Stewart plays copious late-night video games. Listen up: They are our PEOPLE. Gurgle.

One last note. I saw one of those Earthlink commercials after I got home… with the giant, and the unicorn. And they’re talking about believing, caring about the customer, blah blah blah. I sure wish their customer support had reflected those concerns, all those years I was a victim of their bad management. You know? Technically my cable access is through them instead of Time Warner… but I don’t even bother calling them. I actually prefer talking to Time Warner. Dude, that says a LOT. I hope I’m a fluke case, ‘cause if I’m not, those commercials are lies. Lies!

That’s all I’ve got for you. It is completely and utterly bedtime.


Dreams in the Witch House

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I never got the chance to read the original story by H.P. Lovecraft, but last night Marty and I found ourselves watching it on Showtime… and it was just plain great. Apparently it was an episode of a Showtime series called ‘Masters of Horror’.

Here’s the synopsis from Showtime’s site:

In this tale based on the short story by horror master H.P. Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon will once again confirm his place as the premiere director of Lovecraft’s tales of terror. Walter Gilman (Ezra Godden), a college student studying interdimensional string theory, rents a garret in a run-down building in the old New England town of Arkham. Haunted by terrifying nightmares that involve a witch, a supernatural rodent and perhaps Satan himself, Walter starts to lose his grip on reality. He begins to believe his string theory studies have uncovered a portal into a parallel universe rife with diabolical forces gathering to sacrifice his neighbor’s infant. As Walter struggles to prevent this atrocity, it becomes less clear if he will save the child or become its unwitting murderer himself.

Walter is played by the same actor who starred in Stuart Gordon’s Dagon. I saw Dagon, but I didn’t realize who it was until Marty pointed it out during the credits. And honestly, I didn’t notice his acting, specifically, not then. But in Dreams in the Witch House, he’s amazing. His acting is really clear and to the point – no fuzzy stuff, nothing too subtle. And it’s full of slightly cheesy sequences (“Walter. Walter. She’s coming. She’s coming for yooou. Hmmm.”) Also, I just realized – Gordon directed this one, too, and he helped write the teleplay. I wonder what else he’s done? I’m going to have to look him up. He’s done a bunch of stuff I haven’t seen – See? Looks very neat.


!!!!! Woo!

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It’s BACK!



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Has anyone seen the moon tonight? When I left the house at a quarter to seven, it was hanging low in the sky, a slender, dusky golden crescent. It looked like it might be suspended by chickenwire. Invisible chickenwire. Or fishing line. It had one star above and to its right. They were a perfect pair. I couldn’t stop looking at it! But by the time I headed back home a couple of hours later, the moon was nowhere to be found. It’s not even that cloudy out. Did I imagine it?

I had a wonderful sushi dinner with Mat and Abby, and I think I’m going to relax the rest of the evening. I have a bottle of Hakushika Junmai Ginjo sake that I think I’ll kill, since I have sushi in my tummy. And I think I’ll watch a nice movie, or some more Firefly.

I don’t have a lot of experience with different kinds of sake, but this bottle is one I haven’t tried before tonight. It tastes delicious, and reminds me of the eel sauce from dinner. Excellent. Incredible. It’s a little strange drinking sake from a bottle, but you’ve gotta try new things, it keeps life interesting. :P

I think tonight will be a good night.

And I think I’ll leave this bottle room temperature. I usually prefer hot sake, but Marty likes it at room temperature. I haven’t figured out why yet, so I think I’ll try it his way. (Or maybe I’m just too lazy to go downstairs and heat it up?)

If you see that moon, call me. I’m going to have to keep poking my head out my window all night, looking for the damn thing… it was. So. Cool.

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