Leftovers are the Bestovers

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Here are the leftovers from the past few days – links I haven’t had time to write about but can’t in good conscience forget without mentioning them.

  • Does this seem like a really bad idea to anyone else? I don’t know anything about the product, I’ve never examined it, I haven’t read any reviews about it. But I get a little claustrohydrophobic just looking at it…
  • I can’t help but be intrigued by Jason Kottke’s blog patronage experiment and its meantime results. I think that in theory this is an extremely good idea, and with some tweaking could really improve upon conventional methods (of blogging, and of paying one’s bills).
  • I posted a bunch of photos from St. Patrick’s Day 2005 that I hadn’t gotten to yet. I love taking pictures in the Youngstown Crab Company bar during holiday parties because the lights are so pretty. We had a lot of fun on St. Pat’s. :}

That’s it for now. As for today, I have noticed that vitamins work almost as well as caffeine and that loud music strengthens my resolve to plow through my to-do list. I’m going to take advantage of this newfound knowledge and… get stuff done. :}

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