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I’ve been seeing a lot of new movies lately. A lot of them came from Cinema Wasteland and were cute, low-budget affairs. It gave me new perspective on the nature of low budget films – you know, the ones you get on your miniDV and edit in iMovie on your laptop. Cute. Not the sort of thing you usually see in a movie theater… or even on television.

But then I saw Alien Apocalypse on the Sci-Fi network.

You may have heard the rumors, so you won’t have to pay too much attention to what I say next. But if you haven’t… don’t watch Alien Apocalypse, no matter how dearly you adore Bruce Campbell. Alien Apocalypse made me cry.

IMDB says that Lucy Lawless was originally offered Renée O’Connor’s role in the movie, but she turned it down. (I’m assuming she took the bit part in Boogeyman instead. Well, at least Boogeyman had a decent first half… Alien Apocalypse was all misery.)

I’m guessing that Bruce and Renée are starting to feel the way many of us are starting to feel – that money is money. I don’t know what kind of work Renée’s had since Xena. Bruce wrote a book. I don’t know much about how actors come into the limelight and then leave – but I think the former is quick, and the latter is slow. They fade, I guess. I postulate that Sci-Fi needed filler material – gave a guy $20 bucks and told him to make a two-hour TV movie. Argh.

I even have a hard time accepting it for what it was, and it was pretty disappointing. It was nice hearing that old familiar Bruce Campbell patter, but that same patter was surrounded by awful acting, awful direction, awful visual effects, awful scene planning… I have to stop, I’m starting to hyperventilate. And I’m not even an original Bruce Campbell fan, I had to be introduced and reminded what the name was of that dude who played Autolycus on Xena, Brisco County, Jr., and Jack of All Trades. Dude, I hadn’t even realized they were all the same guy. How dense am I?

Anyhow, that’s my rant for the evening. It’s been a long day and as sunny as it was, I didn’t really get out of the house too much, except for my 20 minute exercise on the front porch. Part of me wants to launch into a diatribe about Boogeyman (which was Thursday night’s flick), but I think I’ll save that for another time. Or, hey, someone else can do it. I’m all for maintaining good vibes if at all possible. ;}

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