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  • Intangibles. Brooke really gives me brain food, and I can use that food to change my brain… (So can you!)
  • Rhuban Glas. YouTube video of Gwawr Edwards, she is fantastic!
  • Welsh Cheddar. What?! You can’t pass up a post about cheese!!


  • Specials. Scott Westerfield, third book in the trilogy. Finished early in the AM, last night. And, shit! I’m all out of fiction! (Although with three of those in a row? I think I can take a break. They were awesome.)
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I’m still working on this one. I finished the “corn” section but I’m thinking about rereading it to absorb more of the bits and pieces… it’s definitely on my mind lately. Corn corn corn!

Other Items of Interest…

  • Yesterday was Ragen’s birthday! Go buy her totally awesome book!
  • NSA’s Lucky Break: From Boing Boing—this is alarming, but interesting.

That’s all for now. Have you smiled at someone yet today? GO SMILE!

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