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  • Of Old Friends & Great Surprises. Michael Match was in town this month! Oh my goodness.
  • Gratitude (appropriately). My life is awesome.
  • Chanticleer, part one. I swear I’ll finish—but for now, here’s the beginning.
  • Uberdesign Antibiotics. As bizarre as it is to be enthralled by medicine packaging…


  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I finished this book last week. I think it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read.
  • Blood and Gold, Anne Rice. Susan lent me this and it’s been years since I read anything by Anne Rice. Still as dark and emo and delicious as ever!
  • Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser. Vixen lent me this—I’m all about borrowing books lately, from everybody. This is really interesting and of course a natural extension to the other things I’ve been reading lately.

Super-Important Linkage…

  • I find only narrow solice in laughing my ass off at this video, as it was posted a year ago and likely many people have now done the same. I almost cried—and man, do I know icy roads. Whew.
  • Some of you will understand; some of you won’t:

Raphael Off To War by ~gabfury on deviantART

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