What I Do (and What I Can Do For You)

I am an idea generator with a gift for situational brilliance.

Most of my professional time in the last year has been spent brainstorming and generating brilliant ideas for the projects I’m most passionate about. I have a particular knack for getting myself out of sticky jams, and my creative cortex busts into overdrive in desperate situations. I’m very proud of how far I and my projects have come as a result of this skill, and am always looking for ways to develop it. (Video games like Braid and Portal and physical exercises like Shiva Nata and Brain Gym are excellent methods.) My brain children include Martin Whitmore’s Community Commission projects (money out of thin air!? Excellent!), a large portion of the process for the Tribes Q&A eBook, and far too many others to count!

I help businesses be people.

I’m tired of businesses acting like they’re some separate category of creature just because they’ve learned to advertise and crunch numbers and accumulate money. Businesses are people, too —and they should act like it. The businesses that act like people and treat their customers like people are going to come out on top. It’s already starting. I suggest you take the hint. (And if you need help, .)

I design awesome web and print projects.

I’ve worked for upwards of ten years designing web and print media and only recently began to transition to other pursuits. I still do quite a bit of design work when I can make a difference to someone awesome, and if you’re interested in discussing the possibility of hiring me for that purpose you might like to look at some of the web work I’ve done in the past, or some of my print design projects.

Keep in mind that I don’t code (except for close, long-time friends with coercive methods). I can code (and have coded most of my personal sites myself) but because I am less effective and quite a bit slower than other professionals in the industry, I generally outsource HTML, CSS, PHP and other programming as needed. I’m happier that way (which means you will be too). :}

I have extensive internet social media experience, and am happy to consult as needed.

We’re in the age of people connecting to people, and too many have learned disconnection as business strategy. I love social media, especially blog-related methods, but I am also very focused on treating a person like a person, not a number. I’m stoic on this point, so if you tend to analyze the metrics of your customers rather than relating to them as fellow human beings, expect our conversation to be a bit of a struggle. ;}

Most of the sites I’ve built have been blogs. Many of them are in this list.

I manage people projects (for the right people).

I have managed small groups of people in web development for many years, but in October and November 2008 I (accidentally) became the project lead for the Tribes Q&A eBook, written and put together by Seth Godin’s Triiibes network. This was an enormous group of people (more than 160 strong, with my frequent interactions falling in a group of maybe 30 or so). It gave me a taste for leading brilliant people through slightly impossible (but truly amazing) projects, and I wish to do more work just like that—with the right group.

I write like a madwoman.

If you’re reading this, you already know that I keep a Megan-flavored blog overflowing with bits and pieces of my life and work, and I am very motivated to make change happen in other people’s lives, in the world. I’m very happy to consider writing projects or paid blogging exploits for the right client. (I won’t lie, the idea of being paid to blog always gives me a bit of a thrill.)

Here are a few of my favorite entries:
Raise it from the ashes | Seth’s Tribes Presentation in New York | Learning Leadership | Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us | Late to the Party | The Tribes Q&A (by the Triiibe) | Mac Morris and the FBI (Part One) | Jobs and the Mob (Part Two) | Old Man Zodos and Winston Churchill (Part Three) | Hey! Don’t you want me to order some furniture? (Part Four) | By Yourself | Poverty and Purpose | Who You Are and Why You’re Here | Where I face some seriously scary shit, and BY GOD DO IT ANYWAY, because there is no alternative.

I sing. (Yes—that too!)

I’ve been studying vocal performance almost consistently since 1998. I studied for many years with Dr. Wade Raridon, met with Dr. Lorenzo Malfatti several times in Pittsburgh, and since moving to Austin have commuted whenever possible to study with Dr. John van Cura (who happens to be my wonderful Welsh cousin). I sing mezzo-soprano classical repertory (including opera) as well as Welsh traditional folk songs and the occasional jazz standard. I’ve performed extensively as a student and young professional in Ohio, including a two week North American tour with the Pendyrus Male Choir from the Rhondda Valley. I’ve won several Welsh-specific competitions including the North American Festival of Wales’ David G. Morris award. That award gave me a boost to participate at the Welsh National Eisteddfod in Swansea, where I placed second in the mezzo-soprano division of an entirely Welsh-language competition. To my knowledge (and from what others have said), I was the only American competing. (There was a giant pink pavilion, and a huge lot of media—live broadcast, film news, live radio, newspapers everywhere—the works. It was great fun!)

I am intensely inspired by the power of music to connect people to themselves and others. I’ve been influenced extensively by the emotional effect a performance can have on one person or a thousand people, and I have several ideas in the works that will hopefully expand and make use of that wonderful phenomenon.

If you’d like to hear recordings, you’re welcome to listen to some of my older material here. (I particularly recommend Summertime and The Holy City. They’re delicious!)

Drop me a note if any of this sounds useful!

The best way to get in touch with me is to , though in a pinch you’re welcome to give me a call at 512-364-0045. I respond much more quickly to email than to phone messages.

Got something to say?

I’m actively looking for glowing, gushing references (originally for my Alternative MBA application, but also for the purposes of accumulating kind words and good wishes). If you’ve worked with me in the past, please take a moment to write me a recommendation in the comments here. Thank you! :}