Too Good to Pass Up

by Megan M. on April 7, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

I’ve been saving these for too long, so they’re going up now.

  • She’s Not Making This Up: Adri Tan posted this forever ago and it’s been sitting in my bookmarks bar waiting to be dealt with. I couldn’t bear to delete and forget – it was just too entertaining.
  • April Fool’s Joke? Nope: This link goes to a site called ‘All About My Vagina’, which is not work safe unless your workplace feels kindly toward sex-positive literature. Sarah mentions here that actual sex-ed textbooks – ones that aren’t ‘abstinence-only’ in nature – are scarce (and possibly extinct for the moment). I can’t verify her sources, but the concept is alarming.
  • Jittery Monkey: Nope, no link here. I couldn’t find anything. Perhaps Opryland is the only hotel who has a drink with this name… or perhaps it’s just no big deal and no one cares but me. Missy had two of these during our stay and by all accounts it tastes good. I even didn’t mind it too much, and I’m just not a coffee kinda gal. It’s some kind of caffeinated coffee, chocolate and banana syrup. I was just so entertained by the name of the drink, I couldn’t help but mention it.
  • I can’t wait to see this movie: This link is worksafe, but the resulting links may not be. It’s about Sin City (movie) versus Sin City (comic book), neither of which I have seen / read, but I’m fascinated with the idea that the movie has been so neatly aligned with the original material. I’m dying to see it, but I’m trying to wait for the cheap theaters. That said, if any of you go to see it without me, I will perish. Perish, I say!
  • 43 Folders Wiki: 43Folders is perhaps the best resource ever for Mac OS X users who want an efficient workflow and good organizational habits. This wiki is full of genius material – in fact, this is going in my workflow links, it’s so yummy.
  • Ten Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Your Career: What have I been saying, guys? Blog, you fools! The primary reason I blog is to keep my writing and communication skills warm when I have little time for fiction writing. I used to write fiction like a fiend, but these days I have less and less time for it – and after all, blogging keeps me in touch with people I care about all over the world. This is a good, good list.

I’m astonished and embarrassed to say that I have way more links than these. I’ve been keeping them on hold for quite awhile now, but I promise I’ll get to them sometime soon. Eat these, I’ll make more.

  • pearlbeachlady
    Thanks for the nod to the banana monkey! I will be searching those out wherever i go! :)
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