Yeah… about that astonished and embarrassed stuff?

by Megan M. on April 8, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

Okay, folks. I am really, really sorry. I had comments in moderation from the beginning of March. I’m all… horrified. I hate having to keep comments moderated at all, but the spam… the spam kills me. That’s no excuse. I am a bad, bad Megan.

There were too many of these, I felt so goofy! Paiman Samimi commented on my radio show post, it was short and sweet but I’m so glad he found the site! He really was wonderful and deserves all the kudos I can pile on him. Paiman, if you ever get a site please let me know so I can link up!

Anonymous (most likely a famous historical composer, but just as possibly someone contemporary) made a crazy cool interp of my shooting stars dream. I don’t even have words, that was so cool. Who are you, person? You are nifty. :P

And here’s the part where I morph into a shrieking, tactless fangirl because Evo from the Dragon Page radio show / podcast, commented on that podcast post I made. I try so hard not to be a fangirl. I always keep my cool. I’m allowed to lapse just this once, it’s my blog. So there. I win. ;}

So, for anyone who has noticed me taking months to approve comments… this is my apology. This is sort of like public self-flagellation. Who’s next with the flogger? First whack is free!

  • worldmegan
    Well, I'm totally not surprised. You have always been nifty. :P
  • Angel
    Ummm ... oops! ::ducks:: The strange anonymous person who did the interp of your dream was me forgetting that even if I come here from LJ, I'm not still auto signing comments. Sorry for the no name! LJ and Blogging are still a vast uncharted territory for me.

    But hey! Thanks for calling me nifty! ::beams::
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