by Megan M. on December 2, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

Missy’s right, I’m all over the place today. The colder it gets outside, the warmer it gets in here… the more brilliant I feel, the more thoughts cram themselves into my head, the more people I talk to get overwhelmed by my rampant subject changes. I’m skipping dimensions, man, I’m crazy. And I know it’s the weather, and the holidays coming up. They make me feel funny. Funny good funny. They put me in a different atmosphere. They’re chilly and sweet.

Last night I watched the greatest Daily Show ever. EVAR, I mean. After a string of old episodes and Sex-and-the-Cities, I finally landed on December 1st, and the White Stripes. The White Stripes! Woo!!

I don’t know the White Stripes very well. I think I discovered them via a short-term friend on the ‘net. Seven Nation Army, Hardest Button to Button, that was all I had for awhile. I saw them here and there after that, but never really paid a lot of attention, except to the songs I got attached to. But last night they were incredible, all red and black and riffy and chordy and rhythmy. Gurgly.

After the first song, I grabbed my laptop and bought their two most recent albums. And they are NEAT.

I’m not sure how long it’ll take this feeling to go away, this funny brilliance. It’s going to make my head strange for awhile, no doubt about it. But I wonder if it will make me more productive, or less productive, or productive in strange, incredible ways…?

Well, we’ll find out, if I post a little more often… :P

  • Matt
    The Stripes can go from speed-metal to this awesome bluesy rock that suits me very well 9 days out of 10. A+ good choice.
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