Sistar Birthday

by Megan M. on December 4, 2005 · View Comments (Blog) |

My little sister is neat, and it’s totally her birthday. In fact (craziness of craziness), it’s her twenty-first birthday. Isn’t that wacky? Imagine the totally legal hijinks we can get up to when she visits again!


I can but speculate!

Remember when she was reeeeaally little? And she made all those funny faces? I have pictures to prove it!

Early Emily: These five are random – see the rest here.
Middling Emily: These five are random – see the rest here.
Current Emily: These five are random – see the rest here.

I really like my sister.

She’s done a lot of great things, often brave things. She is using her Morris genes very cleverly and is already beginning to add incredible things to the great things, and the brave things. She seems ethereal, on occasion—focused past real human capacity. Some of us know what a geek she is, under her skin—if you don’t believe it, just consider her strange alien heritage!

We love her and we’re glad we know she’s ours (alien quips or no).

I don’t know her nearly well enough, and although I know I have plenty of time to turn that around, I’m very impatient. But it’s totally going to be worth it.

There is a Hat For Sale, and also an EP.

Happy birthday, Emerneenie. :}

  • Anonymous
    You know ... I really like your sister too! Imagine that! ::Grins:: Happy Birthday Em! ::sends great big hugs::
  • James
    Ahhh she grew up in only 15 pictures! They grow so fast.
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