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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Oh, yeah. And…

by Megan M. on August 12, 2006 (Blog) |

…I still don’t actually have a laptop shipping box. The existence of this thing, it is a theory, it is an idea. In order to make all these plans work, I would actually have to obtain a laptop shipping box, and I still haven’t any clue how I’m going to do that.

I just [...]

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Plan No. 2,305

by Megan M. on August 12, 2006 (Blog) |


The laptop shipping box won’t fit.

I could ship the laptop in the shipping box, I can’t tell you how nervous that makes me, people ship laptops overseas all the time, it happens all the time, it happens all the time. It happens all the time.

If I do that, then I have enough room left [...]

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New Topic, Too

by Megan M. on August 12, 2006 (Blog) |

I realized that the way my blog is laid out makes it a little complicated to reread seconds – monthly listings don’t list all the posts from that month! (Especially with being in Wales and writing like a CRAZY PERSON.)

So here’s a list of all my days in Wales so far. Once I [...]

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Okay – NEW PLAN.

by Megan M. on August 12, 2006 (Blog) |

There’s no way a laptop box and my laptop bag are going to fit into my large suitcase. It’s incredibly huge, but it’s just not going to happen.

New plan.

I attempt to wrap and buffer all my electronics, and the laptop box with the laptop in it, and two bottles of whisky (and a bottle [...]

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Getting Home, Addendum

by Megan M. on August 12, 2006 · View Comments (Blog) |

FedEx quoted me almost seven hundred dollars to get my things home safely. Ha ha, little do they know I don’t have seven hundred dollars!! Suckers!!

So, of course, I have more thinking to do.

I may have to cancel or dramatically shorten my visit in Dublin, which bums me out – but if it [...]

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Getting Home

by Megan M. on August 12, 2006 · View Comments (Blog) |

All right. I need to make a plan.

My flight to the States leaves Dublin at 10:55am on Wednesday… uh… Dublin time.

I can’t find the train schedule, to get myself to the Holyhead ferry. I’m not sure why. This has me a little bit concerned, but I’ll give them a call upstairs and maybe [...]

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