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November 2008

Daydream on Autopilot

by Megan M. on November 21, 2008 (Blog) |

Daydream on Autopilot—the band that my little sister heads up—won their category in the Hollywood Music Awards last night. I don’t know much, but I know there were 30,000 entries and Em says red carpet photos are coming soon. Dude! How about that!?

They were nominated for “Better Off Alone”, which is an amazing song—here’s my [...]

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When it all goes to hell…

by Megan M. on November 20, 2008 (Blog) |

Today I’ve been… here we go, are you ready for this word? Depressed.

Oof, man. I wasn’t ready for it either.

Today the second overwhelming “disaster” occurred in my already overwhelming schedule. It’s tempting to think of it as a test: Where’s your breaking point, Megan? Are you sure you want to do all these things? Because [...]

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Communication Goodness!

by Megan M. on November 18, 2008 (Blog) |

I had a lot of fun listening in on Pace & Kyeli’s Communication for the Holidays course tonight. It’s pretty awesomely fun, and useful in all the ways I’ve come to associate with the Usual Error Project. And it’s pretty handy that I can sign up and still get some work done, when I’m [...]

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The Tribes Q&A (teeny addendum)

by Megan M. on November 17, 2008 (Blog) |

This is the first project I can remember for which I didn’t particularly care about receiving credit. It resonated with me, needed to be done, and I stepped up to do whatever I could be useful doing. It felt really good to work this way. As a consequence of that, I didn’t add a lot [...]

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The Tribes Q&A (by the Triiibe)

by Megan M. on November 16, 2008 (Blog) |

The Tribes Q&ABig seekrit project? Done. Man am I tuckered out!

The Tribes Q&A was released today on Seth Godin’s blog, and elsewhere. You’ll remember the last ebook, the Tribes Casebook, that the Triiibe produced; this one was a bit different. (Okay, a lot different.)

This time, Seth announced the idea and its parameters, gave us some [...]

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But what if I succeed?

by Megan M. on November 16, 2008 (Blog) |

“I see you. You are a worthy challenge. Right now I do not believe I can face you. But I intend to become strong enough to eventually face you—and win.”~ Steve Pavlina, “Fanatical About Growth“

Somehow Doubtless

by Megan M. on November 15, 2008 (Blog) |

I guess this might sound crazy.

Marty and I are still scrambling to figure out how to pay December’s bills once it arrives. We don’t have anything set in stone yet—we don’t have any kind of safety net. Two huge projects are pretty much over, pending announcement, and I have more hanging on. And one or [...]

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