How You Can Support Me

Q. You’re freaking awesome! How can I support you, Megan?
A. In many ways! Thank you so much for asking!

I’ve been frustrated recently by how many of my friends and colleagues have great sites where they talk about themselves or their undertakings, but most of them just aren’t clear about how I can support them. I think everyone needs a page like this, so I’m going to strike ahead and set an example! Please make a point of telling people how they can support you. I know it sometimes feels pretentious (man, I’m right there with you) but if you’re doing anything of note, there will be people who feel the urge to do something to help you out—and it makes them feel good, and it’s incredibly encouraging to you, if you let them.

So here’s my list of things you can do to support me, if you’re so inclined! (I’d love it if you commented on this page and gave me a link to your “How You Can Support Me” page!)

  • Hire me. Here’s a huge page about the things I do, including an insane number of fantastic references and recommendations. If you have any questions, you can .

  • Buy a copy of the Usual Error book. This actually makes Marty money more than it makes me money, but I did a lot (!) of hard (!) work (!) on it and Marty’s finances are pretty much the same as mine these days.

  • On the same note, you can buy anything from Marty’s Meat Market—t-shirts, commissions, prints, greeting cards, stickers, all of it. Supporting Marty means supporting me; Marty’s Evil Empire is one of my very most primary projects and I stand to benefit extensively if he becomes rich and famous.

  • Talk about what we’re doing. If you feel the urge to talk about Marty’s work, Pace and Kyeli’s Usual Error Project, or anything you see me doing, I (well, all of us) would be very grateful. We run almost exclusively on word of mouth because we think it’s the best possible way to do things, so if you’d like to give us some additional word of mouth it would certainly help us out!

  • FEEDBACK! I think people often underestimate the value of honest, detailed feedback when the urge to support someone strikes. I am always intensely grateful for any feedback about the way our sites work, what buying products is like, how my posts come off, and absolutely any other thing you can think of. Along these lines, too, we’d all love comments on our posts—it makes us feel good, makes us look good, and just plain gives us a thrill to talk to people who are paying attention. (You can also consider leaving me a reference or recommendation on the comments of this page.)

  • Support other awesome people I like! I added some nifty affiliate buttons to my sidebar so that you can see all the neat stuff people I adore are putting together. Every person behind the products there is 100% omg completely awesome, so not only do they totally deserve some of your attention—but I will benefit a bit if you decide to pick anything up.

  • Suggest a project. Maybe you’ve been working on something and you need some paid assistance—I’m picky about what I take on, but I’ll sure look it over if you’re nice (and you get points for being brilliant and awesome). Maybe you just have a crazy idea that you think I’d like to collaborate on, for shared profits later—I’m cool with that, too. (That’s how the Usual Error Project started for me, and now it’s one of the MOST important things I do!) The worst that can happen is I won’t have time; the best that can happen is that we’d discover we work great together, and our projects become wildly successful! If you have ideas, ! It can’t hurt. ;}

Whew! That’s it for now. I will keep adding things as I take on projects, and I’m sure this page will continue to change (constantly) over time. Thank you so much for reading!

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